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The Best Tear-Jerking Gay Couple's Wedding Video You'll See This Week

We've succeeded. 

We finally live in a time when we're overwhelmed with nearly as many wedding-related videos for same-sex couples as we are with opposite-sex couples. Progress!

But as far as vow exchanges go, Jordan and Devon's take the dual-groom topped wedding cake (for this week, at least). 

Grab a tissue or six. We warned you.




So inspirational. Thx for giving us hope! 

That was divine. :'-) I wish you two the happiest of days ahead.

Devon, Jordan, so many beautiful words for a truly beautiful wedding.  Blessings to you both, and a long, loving life together.  Congrats guys!  This is the best wedding video I've seen in quite a while.  Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


Jordan and Devon;

As I watched your video tears came to my eyes, The words that you spoke to each other were amazing. My husband and I met 8 years ago and have been married for just over a year. I knew from the moment that I saw his picture that he was the one that I wanted to be with. He is my partner my friend and most of all my soul mate.   I wish you both many years of love and happiness.  

The awesome thing about this video, the thing that made me cry, wasn't solely the love they obviously have for one another. Rather, the love they had for others and the others who loved them back. Watching their video, I could easily see my friends and relatives taking place in the video and wondered, "will this get to be my story too?" We must continue to fight for our equality, but we must respect those who have loved us so much, too. Be blessed, J+D. We, everyone else, love you too.

Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! May you discover the full meaning of love, in thick and thin, and find yourselves becomng more and more of one heart and mind, a bright witness to the skeptics, bigots and religious delinquents who have not discovered how amazing love really is!

Should we all be so blessed.....may your life be as beautiful as your made me cry!

Very beautiful! Congratulations!! <3

linda pareja!!!

That was just so adorable, cute, beautiful, amazing, and I just love it! ^_^

Congratulations, very beautiful, very touching and very inspirational. Thank You for sharing such a wonderful moment. i wish you two the very best.

Congratulations...... simply amazing


If it's disgusting why did you bother to view it and/or comment?! I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!! 

You're a fucking troll. If you really think that, then why did you come to view it? Fucking moron. You mad because your daddy won't stop raping you?


Congratulations Jordan and Devon!!!! ;o)

I wish you both a very loving,happy, long life together. Congratulations !!

WHOO HOO! Congrats guys! We're getting legally married in Washington state (since Oregon won't recognize it) Monday afternoon on our 19th Anniversary! A LONG way from the closet of the US Naval Academy to October 7th, 2013! Progress!!!

So glad you guys are getting your "ever after". I wish I could have done this with my Jason before he passed away. Wishing you many years of happiness and love.

This love story is simply breathe taking in a word. Amazing, if I have to use two. Congratulations to both of you, Jordan and Devon. I wish you two all the best in the world. May your days be spent growing with each other and your years spent laughing with one another. The support you have is endless from those around you and those who love you. 

Love you both already. Again congrats! 

Love, love, love!!!!!! So happy for you, Devon!!!!  I hope one day to meet Jordan!!  You make a beautiful couple!!

May you both have many years together.  My partner and i never got to get married and were togither 18 lovely years until he passed away from a heart ailment. So i do wish you and yours the best.

Tears.  I am getting married tomorrow to my partner.  I wish happiness for all of us.  Much love, Alan Brown (and Steven Deell). Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

Congratulations to Devon and Jordan!  You are a great inspiration to us all.  As a gay man, I share the words you have spoken and the story you have shared.  I lift my glass to you both.  Here's to love and friendship.   All the best.  And thank you for sharing your story through your beautiful video and the faces of you both, your family, your friends.  

lmao,sorry i had to 

So beautiful! Now that I am bawling like a baby...Congratulations Jordan and Devon. Blessings and amazing life and marriage! ♥

This is just beautiful, im very excited for what Jordan and Devon share i pray that their marriage lasts for eternity.

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