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Ben Cohen Wants Miley & Sinead To Just Get Along--And Gives Us This Excellent Mash-Up Of Their Hits!

Our rugby playing (and absurdly) hot LGBT ally wants us all to get along! Well, he wants Miley and Sinead to get along--and what better way for the ladies to find common ground than with an awesome mash-up of their hits?!

Ben referred the dueling divas to this mash-up remix from Robin Skouteris and wrote on Facebook: "This is brilliant. To Miley and Sinead: It's anti-bullying month. Let's stop the fighting and do something productive to help young people."

Hmm..the anti-bullying month spokesperson is hot, secure, open-minded--and he's got good taste in music?? Who ARE you, Ben Cohen?!


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that mix just made the song worse

Good taste in music? That must be a typo.

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