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What's Your Instinct: Father Makes Son Hold Sign In Public After Bullying Another Student

A Texas father has a zero tolerance policy for bullying, and has no regrets for a controversial punishment he sentenced to his son. 

After finding out that his 4th grader had bullied another student, Jose Lagares had his son stand on a busy street corner holding a sign that read, "I am a bully. Honk if you hate bullies."

Many in the community criticized Lagares for his public punishment of his son, to which he responded by standing on the same street corner holding a sign that read, "I am not sorry!!! Honk 2 Stop bullying."

What do you think of the father's handling of his son's bullying?

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THANK YOU. . I hope he learns this valuables lesson.  My father taught me tuff love too and I thank him.  Love you Dad.

"Remember that one time as a kid you were an asshole and had a newcast for life that reminded you? Yea HA."

RIGHT ON ! I would like to shake his hand !

And the Father Of The Year award goes to.....

You don't mention the fact here that he attempted numerous other methods for correcting his son's behavior before finally resorting to this one.  And I say, "Let the punishment fit the crime."  The man gets my vote for Father of the Year.

Oh, and as a follow-up note, after his punishment, the kid went back to school and, of his OWN volition, apologized to the kid he had been harassing and bullying.  Almost sounds like it did the trick, huh?

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