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Gay Rugby Team Drops Trou For 2014 Calendar

You can never have too much of a good thing, they say, right? 

Well never has that age old adage been more true than in the bustling industry of calendars featuring naked rugby players. It was mere days ago when we got a sneak cheek peek at the always-anticipated Les Dieux du Stade calendar, and we already have another calendar featuring rugby studs dropping trou to look forward to for 2014. 

This one comes courtesy of the Netherlands' only gay rugby team, the Amsterdam Lowlanders, who need some help getting to the 2014 Bingham Cup in Australia. So, they made this little NSFW video promoting a cheeky (literally) 2014 calendar that oughtta do the trick. 



(h/t: Queerty)



Yea. First off it's the Bingham Cup. Named after Mark Bingham. One of the men yes MEN that fought the US terrorists flight 93(?) on 9-11 and stopped them from flying the plane into another US target.

Any gay man worth their salt knows this info. 


Troy Z.

2010 Bingham cup coordinator/volunteer 


That would be the "Bingham Cup".  Google it.

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