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Marine Homecoming Kiss Couple Gets Married!

It was a photo that was worth way more than a thousand words when U.S. Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan returned home from Afghanistan last year and jumped into the arms of his boyfriend Dalan Wells--and now the duo, whose photo went viral, have gotten married!!

The couple got married at St. John's Episcopal Church in Honeoye, New York.

Congratulations, Brandon and Dalan!!


Image Source (H/T: Towleroad)


Hey, guys, check out the interview with Brandon and Dalan.  It was great.  Watched it this morning on YouTube.  I think it's under Family values...another gay couple with kids.  Congrats, Brandon and Dalan.  Wish you two lots of love and happiness.

Congrats to both of you & may your life together be of great blessing!

Congratulations guys ! you are an inspiration

Congratulations on your nuptials !

i wish you the best guys in your future endeavors and i hope that i will find the guy of my life.....

Look at that! You go guys! It's almost like the whole gay community knows them. I wish them the BEST! #SWOON 

Wow, I couldn't be happier, unless, of course, it was me getting married to my dream man. I guess I need to get out there and find him. Congratulations to both of you.

Congratulations! I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

Congrats guys!!! Happy life for years to come.

CONGRATULATION to this couple they deserve it. I'm a 47 year old gay guy and I've had couple relationships and they haven't worked. I personally think that gay relationships don't work it hasn't for. I'm alone and I will stay alone and jusat be friends with gay guys and that will be that. - LIFCXHGR Prods

love is what counts for everything.

OMG I am truly happy for them though my bf just broke up with me...I've seen the pic, saved it on my pc and now they GET MARRIED. AMAZING. God blesss you guys. Im sad for myself but truly happy for you guys

Congrats  you both do hope you have along time together

I wish both of them longlife n happy married life n ....

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