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Primal Insitnct: Chris Pratt Shows Off New Buff Bod

It's hard to believe it, but Parks & Recreation star Chris Pratt may just have one of the best bodies in Hollywood. We need more evidence before we hand out the award, but the hunky actor is easily well on his way according to a "douchey" picture his "brother made" him Instagram. 

"Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me."

(h/t: Towleroad)



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Pratt devise be playing the persuade in the photograph as Peter Bobbin/Luminary-Nobleman. In groundwork for th quota, Pratt had to put hellos hull toward a superhero analogous regiment besides the product, a group honorable of the Phenomenon Cosmos. Pratt recently uploaded a photo on Instagram showing hellos strengths.

It is really hard to believe the Parks & Recreation star Chris Pratt has the best body in Hollywood,. I wonder how he managed to make one because in his last movie, his movie really sulked to the core. Let him be an inspiration for everyone.

Holy smokes, Andy got HAWT!!! Seriously, I've followed Chris Pratt from "Everwood" (not gay porn, just a CW show) to "The OC" (where he played Rachel Bilson's stupid enviro-boyfriend in the final season) to "P&R." So, I've seen him go from normal to chunky to his current super-awesomeness.

Nope, if I had a bod like that, I'd be Instagramming it like crazy! Douchey? Not in my book!

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