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Aussie Rugby Team Goes 'Down Under' With Testicular Cancer Check On Live TV (NSFW)

We're not entirely sure what's going on with all of the rugby players dropping trou lately, but whatever the reason, we're completely OK with it! The Wolverines, an Aussie rugby team, took matters into their own hands—literally—with an on air TV demo showing men how to check themselves for testicular cancer and raise awareness for their Balls To Cancer charity. 

Head here to watch the NSFW Video. And more importantly, check your junk, fellas! You'll be happy you did .

Editor's Note: These fellas are actually British and play Aussie rules football, not Rugby! Who knew? For some of you, that won't matter, because if you were like we were when posting this, all brain function ceased when the camera zoomed in on the guys crotches. However, for those of you who didn't figure skate when you were little and enjoy a little football education, check this video out



 to se mě líbí ok

What are you on Warren ?? The medical outline ( no women present ect ) you present is bull dust, the woman in the pic is a fully qualified doctor and certainly in Europe female doctors routinely carry out such examinations ( and my doctor is a woman too )

warren you are an idiot.  she is a medical professional and knows much more than you do, and is clearly smarter.

If you're not a medical professional Darren or has had any training in such a field, your point is nothing more than pure noise to my ears.  I have had such training.  As mentioned earlier, it is paramount to cultivate respect and protect a patients dignity.

Warren.  I work in the medical field and am highly trained.  To think that you would only have women in on female exams and only men in for male exams is absolutely ridiculous.  There are male gynecologists, female proctologists, male obstetricians, etc.  I can understand a patient having their own preference to see a doctor of the same sex, but that doesn't make it inappropriate if they don't.  For many years 90% of physicians were men.  Were those woman not to have exams done at all?  I can also assure you that 100% of all exams done in my office include the physician and a chaperone to ensure safety for the patient and physician.  I think you are making a big deal out of something that shouldn't even cross the radar man.....

Whether the woman is a video is a doctor or not, it is not appropriate to have a woman present during these kinds of sensitive examinations.  I'm sure women would prefer to have their breast examinations done by a woman and not a man.  It follows the same code of professional etiquette to cultivate a sense of patient respect and dignity to have only men present during during male genital examinations.

You really are an idiot. Do not speak again child because you bring down the IQ for everyone.

I really like Dr Christian Jessen. I really wish he was my family doctor. A Hot gay Doctor

The woman is a doctor and she spearheads the show 'Embarrassing Bodies'.

Great informative video.  However, I really think it's absolutely inappropriate to have a woman present during these kinds of male genital examinations.

quero ver videos

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