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Out Soccer Star Anton Hysen: "Straight Men Are Way More Attractive Than Gay Men"

One of only two openly gay pro soccer players in the world has spent a lot of time hearing from upset Twitter followers today after determining that "straight men are way more attractive compared to gay men thats for sure.....end of story."

Anton has dealt with an onslaught of criticism for his comment, but a few of the more pertinent "clarifications" he's provided include [sic]:

@sparksofben: have you met all the gay men tho? There are some attractive ones.

@antonhysenoffic: i meant more personality sry


@danvyse: way to alienate your entire fan base

@antonhysenoffic: cmon man you know what i mean...also im talking anout getting what u cant have gahah dont take it personal


@dietgrapes: That's fucked up. What kind of internalized homophobia? #dissapointed 

@antonhysenoffic: u didn't get it haha

What do you think of Anton's statement?

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That's because he's a bottom.  I'm just going to call a spade a spade.  Only bottoms are hung up on how "straight" their guy is. 

Everyone knows straight men are hotter... why is anyone surprised.

I'm sorry, but for as good looking as he is, and despite the fact that he should be commended for being an openly gay soccer player, Hysen is an idiot.

If you look through his Twitter feed alone, you won't see anything to give the impression that he takes anything seriously. That's totally fine, once the rest of us don't expect anything more deep and meaningful from him than "I love this hahahaha im watching the L word ❤️"

He's a young guy with more sense in his feet than his head. In that way, he's not too dissimilar from other young twenty-somethings, but let's not try to find meaning from his every utterance. 

Str8 men are friggin hot way hotter than gay men because of the chase and them knowing you want them so they play along

not such a big deal. a lot of us gays like straight guys. he's in the liking the forbidden fruit stage.

some of us never get out of it.

That's the opinion I've always had. Straight men are just more masculine. Gay men are more feminine and polished. Even the muscular hairy gay men are too polished. Straight men want to feel good and impregnate you. Gay men just want to look at themselves in the mirror when they do you.

You are so DUMB. You heard of bears or ever seen some of those gay guys who don't all live in NYC or LA?

I think he was referring to the lure of the lure of the forbidden that always looks more appealing that what is made readily available.  It seems that we as humans always find what we can not have more desirable that what is offered to us freely.  There are some gay men that do chase straight men and there are some straight men that enjoy the attention.  Anton has only stated what men have stated for years in their own way "I want what they say i can't have" it only serves to remind us that he is human too.

The wisdom of a 22 year old.

I believe Mr. Hysen has a neurosis that causes him to seek the challenge of trying to achieve the unattainable - it's likely the same thing that drives him into sport. There is probably a measure of self-loathing going on, too - where his own self hatred makes him wary of anyone who is actually capable of loving him back - because he sees them as flawed ... for being attracted to him, when he sees himself as unlovable.

Completely agree. Well-put. 

Maybe cause there's to many feminine men. I was saying the other day, where are the men? Seems there's a lot of twinks. 

Try the Eagle.

Uhg, I can't stand gay men who pursue straight guys. Stop, they're not gay. I'm gay, and I love gay men. If my gaydar is ever wrong and I find out a guy is straight, I totally lose interest.

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