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Historic: First NCAA Div. II Basketball Player Comes Out As Gay

It's another welcome historic moment in the sports world as Derek Schell, who plays basketball for Michigan's Hilldale College, becomes the first person in the NCAA Division II to come out of the closet. 

Schell writes:

For the past 12 years, I have known at least four things to be true: the blue Power Ranger was the best Power Ranger; no one can coach basketball better than Mike Krzyzewski; the Green Bay Packers stand for everything that’s right in this world; and I have always been different. I fully accepted the greatness of the first three, but tirelessly fought the last. For the longest time, I didn’t exactly know what this different was. The turning point in my journey was the day I realized and accepted that this difference meant that I was gay.

My name is Derek Schell, 22 years old from New Berlin, Wisc., a suburb of Milwaukee. I am a 6-1 senior guard for Division II Hillsdale College in south central Michigan. Since I can remember, the fear of being different led me to act differently in separate aspects of life. I found my escape in the gym, losing myself in training for and learning the sport I love. I excelled in the classroom, studying and using my creativity to draw attention to my scholastic identity rather than personal characteristics.

Aside from that I was silent, keeping my emotions -- and my trust -- to myself, analyzing why I did not fit into my world the way I wanted to. From middle school to high school, confusion about where and how I belonged led to depression and anxiety. I prayed I would see the light and all of it would just disappear, but the sleepless nights and undefined sadness had control.

Congrats, Derek! The welcome muffin basket and 2014 Homosexual Agenda are in the mail.


Thats NOT really NEWS but OK.....Its easier to COME OUT NOW than it was 10 or 15 yrs ago. If you wanna make US GAYS proud, become something, make a name for yourself. 

What courage it took Derek  to come out.  I am so happy for you.  Knowing your mom and dad you do have a fantastic support system.  Best of luck to you this season and we are all cheering for you.

Derek, you're a hero!

Welcome out Derek.  We embrace you.

It will be interesting to see if Hillsdale College embraces him. They have a fairly anti-gay track record.  I wouldn't be surprised if he's playing someplace else next year.

Congrats big guy! Mazal Tov!!

And he's from Wisconsin, even better!! :-) 

Congratulations Derek!  It had to be a tough choice, but you chose the right path and will live happier and healthier because of it.  Best wishes.

We, your community, are very proud of you!

Yeah - and welcome -- it is very hard to make that initial choice to "come out" . But we are "equal" according  to the constitution - -and i'm so happy for you Derek.. By the way your very cute - call me baby

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