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Heart It Or Hate It: Lady Gaga Unveils Jeff Koons-Collaborated ARTPOP Cover

"One second I'm a Koons then suddenly the Koons is me." We can finally put some semblance of meaning into the "Applause" lyric today after Lady Gaga unveiled the cover for her upcoming album ARTPOP, featuring a sculpture by Jeff Koons. 

Heart or hate it, Instincters?


Lady GaGa




2 words- phony and tacky.

Lady Gaga is a manufactured artist and she attaches her name to already established ones like she attached all she ever did to other people's work. She's a parasitic cuckoo. She uses other people's nest to lay her rotten eggs and called it "my vision" and "art".

She's a mediocre artist and her artistic visions are planned and forced. You don't to remind public. Music will speak for itself. She has brought nothing new to the table and most of all her music is mediocre and will not stand the test of time.

Artpop will be the most embarrassing album in her career. Marks my words people and I'm done with this skank since Born This Way- the album of the century (according to her) but the fact is ...not even the album of the year.

She is such a flake!

The birth of Venus...yeah right.

Who are you kidding, Gaga? Yourself?

Cheap..looks like a fan-made cover. Time to take a break.

I think it's hilarious that she thinks referencing and photoshopping old paintings by genuises actually gives her credibility or artistry, its really one of the worst executed concepts I've ever seen in pop music... actually it might be the worst thing we've ever seen. lol

Someone is getting...boooooorrrrrringggggg !

Shut up haters, Madonna and Miley can't sing like Lady Gaga, can't write their hit songs, can't inject art into pop culture. Madonna is just a good dancer and a controversial bitch. Miley is nothing but a wannabe. PERIOD.

..................but Miley was #1 on Billboard Hot 100 few weeks ago; Gaga wasn't. Nice try !!!


Sorry GaGa, Miley paws Gaga down! 

Miley Cyrus kills Gaga's 2013 career. hahahahahahaa

Who cares? Her music sucks to the core.

She looks like a modern Gladiator Helmet. :D


Cheap and tacky as usual just like her music, fashion & art.

Time to take a rest or slip into something comfortable like...... coma !

Her nose is bigger than her boobs. :(


Gaga is an old news. It is all Miley and Katy now.

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