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Mark Regnerus, Author Of Dangerous & Discredited Anti-Gay Parenting "Study," Is At It Again With New Canadian Report

The effects of Mark Regnerus's loudly discredited and flawed 2012 study, “How Different Are The Adult Children of Parents Who Have Same-sex Relationships? Findings from the New Family Structures Study," at best villianized same-sex households and at worst kept homeless children out of loving homes (where Russia used Regnerus's study to ban adoption by loving same-sex couples). 

Though resoundingly misleading, Regnerus's year old study is still used around the globe in an effort to validate homophobia. And now it may have some help. The American professor has thrown his weight behind a new study in Canada that echoes his anti-gay views. 

In a new article he's authored, "A Married Mom and Dad Really Do Matter: New Evidence from Canada," Regnerus cites a study published last week in Canada. 

PinkNews explains:

He takes examples from the study, such as the claim that children of gay parents are 35% less likely to graduate from high school than those with married, opposite-sex, parents.

Describing “dramatically low graduation rates” of children with same-sex parents, Regnerus says that girls do worse than boys.

While the Regnerus study was criticized as it compared children with any gay parent, single, separated or divorced, to only married opposite-sex couples, he addresses that issue, claiming that the new study, based in Canada, is more accurate.

He concludes, asking: “Might the American Psychological Association and American Sociological Association have been too confident and quick to declare “no differences” in such a new arena of study, one marked by the consistent reliance upon small or nonrandom “convenience” samples? Perhaps. Maybe a married mom and dad do matter, after all.”

Surely, NOM, the Family Research Council, American Family Association, Russia and the Vatican will waste no time to weaponize Regnerus's latest work, despite heavy scientific opposition to its validity. 


The Douglas Allen study of Canadian children of gay/lesbian parents is worthless

I like your comment Jordan!

Douglas Allen, author of this new anti-gay junk science paper, is on the board of NOM's Ruth Institute. Like Regnerus, he is part of NOM's "Expert Witness Project." The Allen paper is based on the 2006 Canadian census, which has notorious reporting problems for gay people. Allen separated out the children of continuously-married heterosexual parents. He compared them for high-school graduation rates, against all persons thought ever to have lived in a household with a gay adult present.  Marriage equality became law in Canada in 2005. The study is of the high school graduation rate from the 2006 census. The oldest a gay married couple's child could have been in Canada, while enjoying federal level equality, was one-year-old. Do you know very many one-year-olds who have graduated from high school?  

I wonder if part of this equation is left out of the story: LGBT parents often adopt underprivileged children of multiple age groups; children from foster care homes where before and during this tenure they were abused; mentally disabled, as is especially often the case with Russian to U.S. adoptions; and children of other races who must then undergo a socialization period among their peers, never easy. All these factors should be brought into any study, and of course steady homes of both straight and non-straight households should be cross-referenced. I am sure these factors would skew any result. 

Hm. Jesus had two dads. Look how he turned out. Stabbed, tortured, broken down because of the way he was. Sound familiar?

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