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Primal Instinct: Israel's Papa Party Takes Over The World

What, Papa? You want to dominate us/the world? 

It's hard to say no to Tel Aviv's infamous gay Papa Party, which continues branching out on its epic world tour that started in New York in October 2012. To remind minions of Papa's world domination, the guys behind the party have released an artsy promo video that is as mind-numbingly nebulous as a Lady Gaga production (not that we're complaining). 

Will you say yes to Papa?

(Image: Queerty)



well fist off all, it is superhot and i regret to live in leipzig and second, iii wanttt this mix

Its more theatrical than artsy. And yes, there's a huge difference.

Why wouldn't they have one in Los Angeles, the biggest gay city in the United States?

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