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Gay Couple Attacked In Pennsylvania

With all of the marriage equality tumult that is currently taking place in Pennsylvania, it doesn't surprise us that tensions are high, but anti-gay sentiment went into overdrive this past Saturday when a group of men attacked a gay couple after yelling at them with gay slurs.

Ben Stoviak recounted the attack on him and his boyfriend Aaron over Facebook. Stoviak writes:

Last night, a group of men attacked me and my boyfriend on Butler Street in Lawrenceville. After yelling, from across the street, "Faggot!" at us, I replied, "yes, we're faggots!" Immediately after, the group of men ran across the street and began hitting, kicking, and stomping me. The mark on my right cheek is a bootprint. Aaron threw himself on top of me to discourage them from continuing the assault, but they began kicking him in the head, as well.

To the women who saw the ordeal, wrote down their license plate number, and stayed to talk with the police, thank you.

Three of these men have been arrested since the assault. Aaron and I were in the hospital until almost 10 am so that the doctors could take MRI, CT scans, and x-rays to make sure there was no internal bleeding.

I don't ask you to cheer on my romantic and sexual lives. I do, however, expect people not to act violently against one another because they do not share tastes and preferences.

Hopefully Ben and Aaron's remaining attackers will soon be arrested. We're just happy to see that they weren't more seriously hurt and that Ben was able to share his story.


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Rainbow love is still love...they need to grow UP!

I am glad that you guys aren't hurt more seriously.

See how powerful they would be if they were not in a group. Sad people. In stead of fighting things you dont understand, try and educate yourself, you may just discover its not the rest of the world that needs changing, but yourself!

Glad that you guys are ok, I hope this never happens to you guys again. I wish people would stop hating on other people, just because we love the same sex. They hate us when we love each other, and they pat us on the back when we fight each other, that is what they consider the definition of a man. Well I don't think so, It takes a lot more courage for a man to tell another man he loves him, than to punch him in the face.

glad you guys are's a shame that people just cant except people no matter who you love.paybacks are a bitch.those guys will get there's somehow.take care and be vigilante.

So glad yall are ok. Yes our world has many issues! Violent behavior is absolutely unexceptable. God doesn't make mistakes. All I can say is Karma!

Happy for both of you, Times has change and things are getting better. Thank you ladies for helping out.  Equalitty is for everyone, no matter who are.

I hope you guys are ok now, Much Love !!!!

This "WORLD" of ours is getting worse and worse by the day! :-(

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