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Heart It Or Hate It: Paris Hilton Returns w/ "Good Time" ft. Lil' Wayne, Official Music Video

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Like a bad case of herpes (are there good cases of herpes??), Paris Hilton returns with the video for her new single, "Good Time" featuring Lil' Wayne.

Are you having a good time, Instincters?


Heart it or hate it??

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lil wayne dead or alive ,? these news fake or true ? 

I've never been a follower of hers, but I am kind of discovering her.  Like her looks, bitchy attitude and style.  Good for her.

I actually think it's kind of catchy...too bad it wasn't realeased this summer...I can totally see it being a "song of the summer" vibe.

I enjoy bad music, but this is just horrendous!


I know this is her song, but all I can hear in my head is "Stupid Girls" by P!nk... Wait, maybe she can learn a thing or two from here. All that money and she sucks so bad!!! Go away, Paris! 

Wow, that's horribly painful.

All her money can't fix the vocals -which are limp at best, the tune is so lacking in any punch, Very weak and uninspired . Rapping is derivative and outright boring.  I wonder if we took away all the laptops what would the "djs" do with their time? Pretty awful all in all. 

Maybe Michele Bachmann is right we really are in end times! If we're not please kill me!

Wow - so much autotune..

What the fuck? God, the horror, the horror!!! Lets hope is the last time she try to do this, and that rapper guy is just disgusting oh my...really...a mean....really!!? Im asking!!!

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