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Murdered Gay Teen's Teacher "Relates To" His Killer

HBO's important (and, at times, shocking) documentary, Valentine Road, detailing the murder of 15-year old California teen Larry King at the hands of his 14-year old classmate, debuted on Monday night. One of the most jaw dropping scenes (of many) included an interview with Larry's seventh grade teacher Shirley Brown. In the interview, Shirley puts on display the kind of anti-gay bias that may have contributed to the school's deadly homophobic culture. 

"I do believe in a heaven and a hell, and I do believe Larry honestly did not have a clue, honestly, the consequences of his actions. I relate to Brandon because I could see my own self being in that very same position. I don't know if I would have taken a gun, but a good, swift kick in the butt might work really well," Shirley says before laughing. 

Shirley then goes on to call the memorial service held for her 15-year old student a "gay pride" event with an obvious air of disgust. 

(Clip and source: Gawker)


This is a woman who finds it easy to let this happen and not own up to her culpability. iF she truely feared for his life she would have informed the parents and police. speaking to her superiors is a non starter, they were not  going to do a damn thing and she knew it.

And you people think SHE is a bigot? While I don't condone what she said, I have very similar beliefs that I'm sure she holds as well. Am I a bigot? No, but you guys are. You judge her on an article that is more than likely twisted against her in every way possible. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

Giacamo, I am not sure you understand the definition of "condone." Your post does indeed condone her bigoted behavior. And I did not judge her on an article. I formed an opinion of her based on a video of words that she spoke while looking into a camera. Before you suggest I be ashamed of myself, realize that you are defending a woman who laughed about how a dead kid needed a kick in the butt. She did not go to his parents when she admittedly knew he was in danger. She did not try to help him. She showed him no kindness. And in her own words, she could see herself in the position of the killer. Do you have kids? Do you want them taught by a woman who, if she disagreed with them, could see herself as their murderer?? Is this what Jesus taught?

A kid is dead. Another is in prison for 21 years. This woman could have made a positive difference for both of them. Instead, she contributed to the environment that destroyed these children. 

The second you use "you people" in your response you prove you are a bigot. Mores the pity you can't see it.

This is a very sad reminder regarding where we are as a society. No on through out the entire period of evolution ever stopped dinosaurs developing into lizards, for apes to developer into what we are today, or for society to evolve so far as to have more transient sexuality and gender.

What occurs naturally cannot be defined as wrong because it has occurred naturally. Further if those people are happy and can fit into society then there is also not a problem. The only prevention of that progression is fear:

  • Fear of a God
  • Fear of society
  • Fear of the law

Fear is not what should define humanity or cause it to take actions such as murder for the sake of some other humans preference on sexuality or indeed their own gender. Plato was a big gay and so were loads of Greeks, Romans... and that is just because they have documented history. 

Sexuality is historic and so i gender. We now live in an age were we can pick our sex. I fear the reasons some people choose to change their physical sex, as being for the wrong reasons. However I am interested in development and potential. 

What does one achieve by limiting themselves in the confines of society. 

To me this woman is not human, she is a terrible "product" of humanity.

Well, it's good she's Christian and she believes she's going to be accountable to her creator because she's going to have some serious explaining to do that she held this child's life as inconsequential and of no value!  I do recall the Bible saying something about whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me.  If he hadn't been shot she would have kicked him in the butt?  Seriously you psychotic bitch?????  A child is dead and you could have prevented it and you're upset because you think someone organized a gay pride event in front of your school?  Hello!!!! A child is dead!  A child who had come to you for help and you ignored!!  SMH in disgust :-(

Wait, what? What a good teacher would have done is educated the lads who were being outwardly homophobic, not turned a blind eye / supported them. She should've gone to the principal that day and expressed her concern for the student, but not blamed the victim! This boggles the mind. She herself is allowing such hate crime to happen, practically creating a stamp of approval on Larry's death and therefore will have no doubt allowed the lives of many other LGBTQ youths at the school to be even more endangered. If this happened in my country, this discriminatory behaviour demonstrated by the teacher would have been dealt with severely, with a high likelihood of losing her job. Gay rights are human rights, and before our eyes, an educator, someone who is allowed near children is condoning the murder of a student, because of what they are.

This person is despicable - purely hateful. Yet there are so many other ignoramuses like her. They will never learn because they can't, they are too stupid. There is no hope for people who think like she does, there is no way into their brains, mostly because they don't have much brain to speak of.

her mind is all fucken twisted... end of story.

I think her huge, huge question, of which she will never ask herself, would be, "How did I become so self-righteous, and scared of others that do not fit in the norm?"  I would hope a "teacher" (oh, yeah, she IS teaching us something here, teaching us all about the issues she has within herself) such as this is in the most extreme minority.  I teach middle school, and I have yet to EVER hear or hear of a staff member expressing a viewpoint similar to this teacher.  She personifies "A Heart of Stone"...

Tolerance. WHERE the hell did tolerance go? WHERE did protecting your students, despite your personal beliefs go? They are JUST as responsible as that kid who killed him, and it's because these teachers were more than likely condoning the torture, because they all agreed he should have kept his mouth shut. This makes me sick. Another reason I refuse to send my kids to school. So much of this happens, and people are covering their eyes/ears to it.

She can't be a qualified teacher to have that kind of attitude. Teachers ar meant to be intelligent and help teach kids about right and wrong.

And what about the "Special Needs" teacher? Larry had a "legally binding contract" to change himself?? He was a minor. You can't contractually bind a minor. What the hell is wrong with these people. There's a potent mix of hate and stupidity amongst the teachers at the school. 

Grotesque godless black souled cow!!

Grotesque, parasitic, non-human bigot.

Someone, Somewhere, in good ole'Murica has her number. The HBO doc has aired internationally as well.  With voiced hatred as toxic and vicious, her numbers coming UP---soon.....

Horrible teacher-lady, welcome to the internet. Aaaand, you're fucked. 

This has to be fake. I will not believe that cretins like this exist on this planet...and teaching at that? No...she does not exist.

i fucking hate her!

lady you are an IDIOT!

She really needs to be out of a teaching license what a disgrace for teaching world. It makes me sick she is that ignorant! 

She's a monster.

She doesn't know if she would have taken a gun?  That is not a person who should be entrusted with our children.  She should know that murder is never an acceptable option.

A teacher needs to be supportive of all people, this teach was wrong to tell him to keep it to him self, 

I have never felt more disgust towards a person than I do towards this "teacher". This murdered teen reached out to her and she says he should have been kicked in the ass. What a horrible, horrible person she is. No compassion. Someone this cold should not be around children. I don't care if this happened in a small town or a big town. In this day and age, this is a horrible outlook for someone who should be a role model She is not a role model. The way she talks, she is saying Larry asked to be shot. That he brought it upon himself. I am sickened by this and you can see the hate in her face, her disgust with Larry in the way she talks about it all. Larry was murdered and all she can focus on is that "gay pride parade" that happened in front of the school?!?!? 

This is why we have so much hate in the world!! People like Shirly teach it and condone it!! I would pull my kid out of her class, and if the school lets her teach there then they condone the actions of a murder!! I would pull my kid out of that school, and lead a campaign against the teacher, the school, and the district to have her fired.. But maybe she forgot how to treat others on how you would want to be treated!!! Or to just love!!! Or that the bible says those who judge will be judged on what they are judging!!! So maybe she will get to go hell!! I don't know I'm just saying!!!

What a cunt

This really makes me sad - she is a teacher?  She has no empathy and i pity the kids under her as she is ignorant and hateful.  These are the type of teachers that give good teachers the bad reputation.  Why is she still a teacher?

I agree.   I would love to know the outcome as to what the child's family has done since his death.  another question is does this POS still teach at the school.  It is because of teachers and school admins like this one that so many teens still trying to grapple with their sexual identity end up so messed up, dead by the hands of class mates or suicide.   Parents put their child's safety into the hands of schools every day with the hope that their child will come home safe.   What a false sense of trust.

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