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Fans Steal One Direction Member Liam Payne's Underwear; He's Forced To Go Commando

Devastating news. It appears that One Direction member Liam Payne was the victim of a drive-by underwear looting and as such he's been forced to freeball it on his hotel balcony in his dangerously low-rise sweatpants!

The horror.

We need to get to the bottom of this! 

The boy band member tweeted:

As you can see, Liam is continuing his search for the dastardly culprits!

We'll be right over to help!!!


Image Source: Just Jared (H/T: Daily Mail)


Liam who?...

I notice he can not do There/Their/They're. No big surprise.

Doesn't seem to have much going on in those "dangerously low" sweatpants.

It's funny that's why. It's better then stupid gossip or mean things said in the press all day long. 

Ok, while I don't mind the sexy pic of Liam Payne, why on Earth do I care that his underwear got stolen?  All five of those boys have enough money that they could buy a new pair of diamond encrust underwear every day of the year and wouldn't have to worry about having money left over.

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