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UPDATE: Arrest Made In Assault On D.C. Drag Queen


Updated Wednesday,  2:40 p.m. PST

An arrest has been made following the assault of drag performer Heidi Glum in Washington, D.C.

DCist reports:

"A Gaithersburg woman was arrested yesterday for allegedly assaulting a gay drag performer at a D.C. pizza shop on June 23. The case, one of six recent attacks involving a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person, is not being considered a hate crime at this time.

Raymone Harding, 28, was arrested and charged with simple assault Tuesday, the Metropolitan Police Department says."

The investigation is still ongoing according to police.


Original Post

Video of D.C. drag performer Heidi Glüm being harassed and beaten by two women at Manny & Olgas (a popular local pizzeria) has hit the Internet just as Heidi herself deals with backlashes for using slurs on Twitter against her attacker. 

The victim says that two girls began making derogatory comments about her makeup and shoes before the situation escalated. “The Latino girl was touching my face telling me I needed to blend my makeup while her African-American friend was trying to bully me for wearing Christian Louboutin heels," Heidi (Miles DeNiro) tells Queerty

Soon, the two parties were exchanging punches as a group of men encouraged the fight, with one recording it on his cell phone while shouting "World Star," a reference to, which is known for publishing amateur fight videos. His title for the video? "Tranny Tells Girl She Has Aids After Bleeding In A Throw Down In Local DC Pizza Restaurant."

DeNiro didn't file a police report immediately after the altercation that left him bloody and bruised because he was "waiting for a video to surface to help support my case." Instead, he took to Twitter to use a slur against his attackers:

The two women seen in the video have also filed their own police reports, according to the MPD. 



(Via MetroWeekly; h/t: Queerty)



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Why don't you reserve judgement on using slurs until ur hair is ripped out and u and dragged all over the floor. I don't blame her anger.

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who are any of you to judge what she said in the MINUTES following her attack? When your walking away and your bloody and your hair is falling out and you've been JUMPED like this THEN you can say what is acceptable language and what isn't !! At that point in HER life she had nothing else BUT words and she was hurt, angry and DRUNK and she has apologized for her mistake. It does NOT mean she is Racist it means she was HURT and lashing out and Not one damned person who has not suffered through this exact thing can confidently say what they would or would not say !! So unless it has happened to YOU then STFU about how she choose to express herself 2 minutes after this happened to HER !!

Here here xx

Judging by her racist remarks she probably asked for it. Gay & racist. How ironic is that! Even still violence isn't the answer but it's really hard to feel sorry for him.

What the fuck is wrong with people that they sit around and watch this happen?!

I agree - we cannot condone her use of racial slurs.

This is wrong on every level. It is all sad. And I cant feel empathy or support for the queen due to  her behavior in her name callinShe  is just as irresponsible in matters of civility.

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