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BREAKING: Adam Lambert Joins 'Glee'!!

WOW! Score one for the Glamberts!

Ryan Murphy just announced that Adam Lambert is joining the cast of Glee!

He Tweeted:


Excited to see what Adam brings to the show, Instincters?!




hhmmm I wonder what character he will play. OH PLEASE SAY A POTENTIAL LOVE INTEREST FOR BLAINE OR KURT!!!!

don't usually watch Glee, but sure as hell will now.....woo hoo....

Super excited that Adam is joining the cast of Glee! So much better than AI!! Now we get to hear Adam sing each week and see his gorgeousness! Love, Love, Love Adam!! He is so super talented!!

So excited.  I will not miss a show.

I'll be back to watching Glee again now that Adam's going to be part of it.  Smart move, Glee!!  Can't wait!!!!

Overjoyed to hear the news..Adam Lambert is perfect fit for excited :))

YESSS! Perfect.

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