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Bigoted San Antonio Councilwoman Elisa Chan Resigns To Run For TX State Senate

San Antonio, Texas has relieved itself of a local problem thanks to the welcome resignation of Elisa Chan, the bigoted Councilwoman who was recorded expressing her extreme hate toward the LGBT community. Things might get worse for all Texans, however, as Chan has announced plans to run for state senate. 

San Antonio Express-News reports:

Her last day as District 9 councilwoman is Oct. 18, said her campaign spokesman, Craig Murphy. State law requires that she resign from council in order to file as a state candidate, and the filing period for candidates is Nov. 9-Dec. 9.

Last month, Chan, 47, said she would challenge incumbent tea party Republican Donna Campbell to represent Senate District 25.

In a letter to Mayor Julián Castro and council members, Chan said she was proud of San Antonio and "what we have accomplished." She reflected on her five years on council, saying:

"I have done my best to represent the conservative values of these fine people. The people of this district take an active role in deciding policy, giving their input, volunteering their time and listening to the views of their neighbors," she wrote.


than get people out vote

Looks like we have two homophobes fighting against each other.  Hopefully, they will cancel each other out.

  Lamentavel aos texanos ter esta criatura como sua representante ,em um mundo que precisa de união ,que distingue pessoase classes sociais de acordo com sua doentia cabeça;.

Yes- she has done her best to serve the fine people except the LGBT community.  This hateful and ignorant person should lose - oh I hope!

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