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Yep, The Daily Show Aired A Big Uncensored Penis [NSFW]

The brilliant Jon Stewart gets away with a lot on The Daily Show, but on during this week's "Wheel Of Happy Stories," he may have set a high (really, really high) steel rod err bar. Talk about a happy story: when Jon's wheel spun onto "Full Frontal Clooney," Twitter was shocked by the appearance of what seemed to be a totally uncensored erect dick. Gawker put on its Sherlock Holmes-esque monocle to take a deeper look. Yep, Gawker declared, that definitely is an uncensored penis on The Daily Show

Commenters have examined every inch of evidence and arrived at mixed opinions. Some indicate that a portion of the penis appears to have been blurred out while most of it, including its most telltale features, remain intact. Quite a half-hearted attempt at pixelating the image, perhaps.

Anyway, decide for yourself in the clip below before Comedy Central blurs the giant phallus a bit better in a new stream:





Gravity (ha! ha! Get it?) has been good to George! Hung like a 20 year old porn star! 

Ha ha, I have a HD screenshot on my Twitter feed. Posted it last night when it aired. I knew Clooney was a two-hander!! @fotojadamo

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