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Taylor Lautner Will Take On The Big Role Of Porn Star Dirk Diggler In "Boogie Nights"

If you've ever wanted to see Taylor Lautner in a more grown up and salacious role than his Twilight years allowed, some of your wish will come true Thursday night in L.A. when the heartthrob reads the role of well endowed porn star Dirk Diggler at L.A.'s LACMA. 

The role, made famous by Mark Wahlberg in the 1997 cult classic film, follows Dirk as he transitions from dishwasher to porn superstar in the '70s and '80s. In September, Jesse Eisenberg read the role of Dirk at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Unfortunately, Taylor is expected to stay fully clothed for the reading. 

Do you think Tay Tay is a good choice to play Dirk Diggler?

(Via E! News)


Cant wait for his wiener 

I fail to understand the interest in this umpa lumpa.

Talent zero

 Lindo e capaz de muitos trabalhos mais.,

I just can not understand why Hollywood feels that it needs to Re-Make Movies every 15 Years or so... They Always SUCK... Dreamboy Taylor will NEVER Live Up to Mark Walberg's ORIGINAL Performance...

Have they Lost All NEW Creativity???... Ugh...

Yes. It is. I think, wherever him do in acting, not harmful to his career.

Is he going to be using the prosthetic dildo that Mark Wahlberg used in the original movie?

He is simply gorgeous, face and body.

Uh no.

Though he has a great body, but if he is going to stay FULLY clothed. I dont think he will be a great Dirt Diggler. 

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