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Telekinetic "Carrie" Prank Shocks Unsuspecting NYC Coffee House Customers

The latest viral marketing video to successfully capture Internet buzz comes courtesy of Thinkmodo, a New York-based marketing company. Tasked with finding a creative way to promote the upcoming Carrie remake, Thinkmodo reconstructed a popular West Village coffee house to take unsuspecting customers on the ride of their lives. 

How would you react if this happened during your morning latte run?





This prank and the video were fun. I think I had as much fun (or more) reading the comment thread, though. HAH!!! Still chuckling.

I burrowed A LOT of batteries in my butt. Silly, right? 

Ouch, acid! 2 butts now lol 

wow.  Great 

Holy Crap !!!! Why do people have to be so Ignorant? This is just a FUN promotional prank for a MOVIE!!! I agree with Bill Cosby, Glad I'm an old man on my way out of this world and not a child having to start life with so many negative, rotten, ignorant,  Happy Lacking so called humans!!!

Oh my god. I'm absolutely positive you're the stupidest person from which I've ever read anything. You're really bad at the human being thing. 

Nope, pretty sure you just lost the internet. You just proved his point.

Where's the guy puking? There's always a guy puking.

The unsuspecting customers?  You mean the actors paid to act like customers in the fake coffee shop, while multiple cameramen stand around filming the entire scene from every angle?   Are you all really that dense?  Or has fake reality t.v. so rotted your perception that you believe regular people ignore the camera crew while they get their perfectly lit shot?

I think the unsuspecting customer was the one in the cashier while the rest of the people in the restaurant are the paid actors. So the prank was with 1 customer by the cashier - one at a time - and they apparently did this many times over! It's not always what it seems!

Go play in traffic.

Even if it was fake who the hell cares. The video was funny and enjoyable. How about you crawl out of that little negative hole you are in and start enjoying the small things. Unhappy little shit. 

Absolutely, Nailed it.  Some people are so critical, they cannot enjoy a little humor.  That is most likely why they are miserable and negative.

Nailed it.

HEY FUCK YOU, RETARD!! You suck penis-looking clit!

would have got her shot in texas, lol

Nice job! I would be one of the lemmings screaming and filming with my phone! Wish they did this in VA or DC! ( ^__^)

i wouldn't do that in DC capitol police don't mess around


OMG offer to buy her ANOTHER LATTE ALREADY!.........decaf!

Soooo cool.

This is what happens when a girl does not get enough sex

This was so cool.  Having seen this now and how it was done, my reaction (if it happened to me) would probably be to look for the cameras and wires and start laughing.

Totally Awesome!

she's a sith lord.

Lemmings standing there, people are so foolish.  They should know to at least to get out of line of sight of a TK mutant!

Your friends only hang out with you 'cause your mom's grilled cheese sandwiches are bomb. Bastard

You're so right, D!

That was totally sweet!  I love all the reactions of everyone! 

very good good acting good clip thank you 

The actress was fine, Mike. You can't really see how good she is or isn't from this short clip anyway. Why hate?

You're the devil

back off demon bitch

You're a really disgusting person. Please stop spewing your disgusting vomity opinions, devil.

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Tears running down my face and neck! A MUST SEE!!!!!!!

Ew, down your neck?? You're a grisly, attention-seeking whore if you didn't wipe your tears away before they got to your neck 

Couldn't do that in a Red state, someone would fill them full of lead before they could explain :)

Choke on barf bitch

Shut up troll

Blow your butt off with a shotgun then, droog.

That's right cause there's absolutely no gun violence in blue states that's right! (sarcasm off) 

Please explain why Chicago has about as much gun violence than any other city right now and last time I checked Illinois was a blue state. 

Because we are all a bunch of trigger happy rednecks that shoot first and ask questions later right !

your brother told me you're really slutty. Stop being such a slut, please. Your parents are so concerned Donny baby boy 

Whatever lame ass

...yes? Plenty of evidence points to it.

Don't know why you'd bring politics into a movie prank... But in a Blue state everyone would sue for punitive damages.

Maybe, but they'd be alive to tell the tale.

Right, like in Illinois (Chicago), oh wait...

They could have picked a much better actress than this girl but that was funny 

cause using Emilia Clarke wouldn't be suspicious at all..

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