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Primal Instinct: Gay Country Music It Boy Steve Grand's Nude Modeling Past (NSFW)

Gorgeous and gay pop-country newcomer Steve Grand has been everywhere in the seven days since his debut video "All-American Boy" took the Internet by storm. But after some digging into his already-known underwear modeling past, it seems Steve might have been everywhere during his previous career, too, including one or two shoots sans any skivvies. Being a family-oriented blog (we kid, we kid) we'll leave you alone with Google to hunt for Steve's full-on past as an underwear model. But we'll gladly get the ball rolling with a collection of drool-inducing images of Steve Grand's other talents below. 

Also, as NewNowNext has discovered, the blond object of Steve's affection in the now-viral "All-American Boy" video has done some nude modeling of his own as "Taylor" for Fratmen.

As if our imaginations surrounding the music video could get any steamier...


I think he's hot and would like to taste his load someday....yay!

he's a bottom, a friend of mine fucked him while he was in San Diego

He's a bottom... and likes to get firsted... into the IML stuff at chicago

undoubtedly he is hot, and his voice too.

Is he a top, bottom or vers? That's REALLY what everyone wants to know...

Myself, I think he leans bottom.

Regardless, he seems like a hell of a nice guy...I just hope that the sudden fame and (soon to be) fortune don't go to his head...

The best of all isn't shown here: his bare rear is round and high as a hot air balloon! Go to QC Sticky and search (upper RH corner). This boy is truly GIFTED!

I guess you have a different definition of "nude" than I do.

Hey the kid is hot, hung, out, does things his way and talented so that's all that matters. Jealousy will get folks no where. Haters made Madonna a huge star and haters will only make Steve a huge star. With an amazing name like Steve Grand not sure why he would have used all these other aliases unless he was doing

The pic of the Green American Eagle boxer briefs are not him. The light source is different on the arms and the face. Also his neck is too thick.

Maybe but the bulge in his boxers looks just right in that light ;)

Keep going Steve! I believe all of this is just the beginning, but remember, don't let anyone, neither the fame nor money make you give up acting with your soul, that one joined within you desire most. Sincerely, Andre Albuquerque

Who cares - the kid is hot and he can sing.  

Bless his heart.

Bottom line: It's tough makin' it in show biz. Steve Grand seems to be a guy w/ talent and charisma. If he had to strip down to his skivvies (or more) to pay his dues, hey, it's fine by me.

NOTHING to be ashamed of here. Boy is gorgeous! And if you got it, flaunt it!

Makes him all the more appealing. So Steve!

There are even more BULGING pics on TUMBLR of STEVE! No NUDE though... NUDE is NUDE ... not wearing anything!

Wow!! Steve is quite the hottie!!  Great singer and songwriter and I love All American Boy! Support the song by buying it for a $1 on his website!

His body is great yes, but that isn't even what's sexiest about him. His sexiest asset is his LIPS I love a white guy with LIPS!

Agree with Lawrence D. We seem to pounce like piranha on those who make good for themselves. Let him be. He made it, and seemingly on his own. Applaud him. Celebrate it. There is no need to turn him into a tabloid story. Seriously, his video hasn't even cooled. 

I have followed with him with all his names...finn diesel and steve chatham i believe. He is great. He will make it big now and will be very legit. love love love him.

a boy has to make a living some way, some how...he just use his assets!  don't hate

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