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Freddie Prinze Jr. Graduates From Teen Heartthrob To Shirtless Silver Fox (With A Six-Pack!)!

From teen heartthrob to silver fox! Freddie Prinze Jr. is aging like a fine wine and he's got the six-pack abs (and a little salt and pepper in his hair) to prove it!


The actor is recurring on Lifetime's new series, Witches of East End and we think we're going to have to tune in! 

It seems like yesterday that this was our sweet Prinze:

We'll take the upgrade!!!


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Lolz! I admire him during his tweetumz era... But now he looks very old im already 33... Bad thing he didnt show off during his 20's :/

What the hell? I look as good as him and I'm 53. "Silver daddy"?

Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back, James.

He is very handsome and married to Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

My Sisters has alot of Chickflicks with Freddie Prinze Jr

I know him from somewhere, but I don't know from what... I honestly thought he was the guy in Scary Movie 3.. but it doesn't look like it. XD

He is looking pretty hot though!

Really? You're calling a 37 year old a silver fox? Really? wow. Has 30 become the new 50?

I totally agree!... Too Young sill...

Yeah I'm 32 yo so I must be new "over the hill"!!

I totally agree with you.   I am the silver fox and I am 67.

My husband is 26 and he's a silver fox already. HahHa. 

O.o what dafuq happened to this guy?  Did he eat some magical food or something?  That is an absolute "yes" without a doubt!  

I loved his role in an episode of Psych a few seasons back. Major DILF material on our hands here!!

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