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Primal Instinct: Rugby Players Like to Get Naked, Nearly Naked (NSFW)

Whether you've been a long time fan of Rugby or just jumping on the bandwagon now that everyone's posting about it (including us), one can not deny two simple truths: 1) Rugby players are hot and 2) Rugby players like to get naked.

You mad? We didn't think so.

Our buddy Jason Moriarty over at jumped on the Rugby lovin' bandwagon by giving us the most epic photo gallery of Rugby player deliciousness around. We pulled a few of our more SFW favorites below for your viewing pleasure—Enjoy!

Click here for the very much NSFW photo gallery and show Jason some love!

Happy Friday, Instincters!








Haha thanks for the shout out! I didn't even realize that you all reposted some of our pics until just now! We just posted some sexy nearly naked clowns if you're interested :)

- Jason (Gloganvlog)

you can discover french players in "Les Dieux du Stade"

With bodies like these i would think they would want to show them off :-) 

Are there ever any actual nudes in these calendars or just semi-nudes with balls hiding the real deal? Real nudity would make bank, unlike these fake outs.

Hot Damn !  I wanna play . . . rugby.  LoL.


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