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Former Gay Porn Star Explains How To Fight Same-Sex Attraction

Listen up, Instincters! Your friendly ex-gay, former gay porn star turned Christian activist Joseph Sciambra has some helpful advice on how you can fight that pesky same-sex attraction!

Life Site News asks:

What advice do you have to someone struggling with — and tempted to act out on — same-sex attraction?

Sciambra: To those struggling with same-sex attraction, I would encourage developing their prayer life; their relationship with God. They need to spend much time in prayer, going to daily Mass, and making a weekly Confession. 

They also need to have a very good confessor and/or spiritual director. 

Instead of acting out on those desires, whether that involves sexual activity with another person or by viewing pornography, they need to excavate their feelings and memories, in order to discover why they have these homosexual desires. This is a very difficult and painful process, but it must be accomplished. Here, they must completely strip themselves of their false pride and stand completely unashamed before the Lord. Because, without exception, every gay man and woman that I ever knew, reluctantly at times, could trace their homosexuality back to some childhood experience. 

Got all that, Instincters? For more helpful insight on the evils of homosexuality and how gays are destined for a lifetime of unhappiness and, ya know, Hell, head over to Life Site News for the rest of Sciambra's interview. 


(H/T: Queerty)


Hummm in French we have a nice way to describe this , oh yes : young whore , old biggot ! :D
No, sincerely who the hell is that guy ??? A porn star ??? In his dreams :/

I think we use the word "porn star" a little too loosely these days. 

I actually do this when I have heterosexual feelings.. I figure i have these feelings because of some past experience I had a child.. when.. *holds back tears* when I was in kindergarten.. a little girl showed me her panties and wanted me to play "daddy" I threw a pillow at her and ran... I have never been the same since. Please pray for me my gay brothers. 

what an exceptionally self centered   bombastic ugly piece of  rubbish this guy is.. I dont even think god gould love him lol

Sadly to many people judge God and His word by how we act. How can a person compare God to mankind. Its not my place to judge others, that's Gods job. Its my place to love them no matter what. To me people are just people. We all like or dislike different things. this guy is entitled to his thoughts. If you like them fine, if not that's fine to. I'm a man happily married for 17 yrs now. I wish I had some gay friends, I think their incites would enrich my life. Would i ever do anything with another man, I don't know, I never really thought about it. Might be fun don't know. I do believe we all have what it takes to get along if we try hard enough. we are all just people!

I was never abused in life. I had an attraction to other boys when I was a boy. I think female nudity is disgusting. I would love to go the rest of my life. I'm 33 years old never seening another vagina. I will pray for that. I did have fears at a young age that I would be abandoned by my family if they found out I was gay but 2006 age 26 I told my mom she said she didn't care. my sister over heard she doesn't care she said must be huge weight of your shoulders. Dad took it very well as well. I feel really comfortable talking about it. I have even sat down and watched gay films. after I came out I found out that I have a lesbian on my dads side and I found out just this month that my dads nephew who is almost as old as he is just came out to his sister. My Dads dad was born in 1910 My grand mother was pregnant at the same time as her daughters.

In 5 years time he'll be back to sucking cock! LOL

5 years? try every saturday night. once you go black you never go back hahahaha

I know a gay guy who has both parents still happily married and they all get along really well.  So blame it on your past if you want.  He was never abused or had anything traumatic happen to him.

He didn't mention anything about abuse....just a childhood experience. I know exactly what he's asking about - my experience was when I went to the showers at the public pool and saw all those hot naked bodies. :-)

I'm gay.  My parents are still happily married after 45 years.  I was never molested.  I had a very "normal" childhood.  So yeah.  We exist. :) you can change how you were born? Did he find the unicorn as well?

Mr. Sciambra  will come flying  back out of that self imposed closet sooner than he thinks.

His real self won't let him stay in the closet or in denial forever.

bw3haahah.... this is a joke..right???

oh wait, you idiots actually believe this crap....bwahahahahahah

Hmm... then how does that explain it for those of us that never had this "childhood experience"?

My first sexual encounter wasn't until I was 16 years of age, with a girl.  It was only second base, but it counted.

My second sexual encounter wasn't until I was 22 years of age, with a guy.  We went ALL the way!

No regrets!

Contrary to what religious people believe, if a gay person accepts Jesus as his or her personal savior, this person is going to Heaven. Period! Because God is good, and His mercy endures forever!

Amen! I am a gay Christian, and I know I'm going to heaven. I am not going to let some "ex-gay, ex porn star" quack tell me the reason what causes all gay people to be the way we are. He doesn't know me or my history, so he sure can't speak for me. If anything, what he is doing is Un-Christian and DANGEROUS at that.

"Because, without exception, every gay man and woman that I ever knew, reluctantly at times, could trace their homosexuality back to some childhood experience." I traced mine back and it went to being in elementary school really liking the girl who sat down next to me during lunch because she was pretty, smelled nice, her skin felt so soft, and she shared her Hostess snacks with me. Such a traumatic childhood experience O_o

Oh and, BTW, how does one qualify as a "porn star", ex-gay or not, when there is no record of his ever having been in any movie?  

He was paid to have sex. Enough said.

You is he trying to kid.  Is he telling this because of his own indiscretions on being a porn star or just excusing himself on being gay.

right u just found a new way to make money


Any links to his porn though?  I'm more interested in that.

spoken like a true blue blood lol

I say don't fight it, join it.

That's his answer get on our knees and pray from an ex-gay porn star.  He must have been brain washed by some religious group or hes is in complete denial.  When I get on my knees it,s not always to pray.

Clearly the guy has had a lobotomy by the church, he has no conception of what this mouth is throwing up

I totally agree with you he sure sounds fucked up

I wouldn't trust anything this man has to say!  Sad! You can't pray the gay away !

Did you see the youtube video he made in which talked about Satan and anal sex?

Thank you SO much for this!  I started laughing about ten seconds in & couldn't stop.  What a LOON!!!  Frankly, I for one don't particularly want this guy on our team . . .

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