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HIV Positive Priest Arrested For Soliciting Sex From Undercover Officer, Masturbating

A Cleveland priest is facing public indecency charges after being arrested for soliciting while being HIV+ (a specific crime in Ohio), masturbating in a crowded parking lot and abusing harmful intoxicants.

The Rev. James McGonegal of Cleveland's St. Ignatius of Antioch Church reportedly told an off duty ranger that he was "cruising" for sex in his Jeep, before offering the ranger $50 to "get him off." McGonegal then began to masturbate in his vehicle, the final straw that lead to his arrest. 

While handcuffed in the police car, the priest explained to officers that he was HIV+ and was asked to describe the bottles of poppers and cock rings found in his Jeep. 

McGonegal was released on bail Saturday morning. On Sunday, his parish made no mention of his absence other than a prayer offering: “Today we pray for this parish, and our pastor.”

I realllllly hope Cleveland police are not in the midst of a gay sex sting operation. 

Anyway, what do you think of the charges this priest faces?




Yeeeeeah, HIV criminalization is gross. Also, attaching stigma to sex work is gross. If the person hadn't been an officer, but was instead an actual sex worker, this transaction would have been just fine and dandy. I think the lesson here is that criminalizing behaviors that have no business being criminalized is stupid. 

Though he certainly shouldn't have been jacking off in a crowded parking lot. C'mon, guy. That's what they make bathhouses and bars called "Eagle" for. 

Treat him the same as anyone else who was soliciting sex.. his health has nothing to do with it ... there are all kinds of unhealthy people out there paying for, and selling sex ... so you can't act like his disease is any worse than anyone elses' out there any more.  the fact that he is a member of the church shouldn't protect him or be used against him.  

The sooner we all start treating EVERY ONE the same the sooner we can stop with the bull shite.


The charges are correct under the Law. He was just unlucky it was a sting that bought him down.

He should be defrocked and retired from the Priesthood immediately.

It wasn't a Sting.....He approached the officer and offered him $50.00....The officer did not solicit him. !

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