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11-Year Old Boy Slays Performance To Lady Gaga's "Applause"

Kids who were obviously born to dance hold a special place in our black, dead hearts. Looks like we'll have to carve out an entire ventricle for 11-year old Sean Lew, who serves a Miguel Zarate-choreographed routine to Lady Gaga's "Applause" with a heaping serving of ferociousness. 



(Source: The Daily Grind)


I think with the right training this kid could be Mike Munich amazing. And the reason I bring him up (besides the fact that he dances for Gaga and other artists) is that he blends elegance, technique and femininity (can you do a routine in stilettos?) with masculinity, hard lines and dark edge. Reality is that people like this boy will always come up against stereotypes from the gay & straight world, which is just unfortunate because so many people support their identity at the exclusion of others.

Check him out on YouTube. Sean Lew.  Amazing. 


That kid is incredible.   Awesome job.  

I am LIVING for this kid!!! He straight handled that routine like a BOSS!!! I love how he was serving cunty realness to every single girl on that floor! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

This made my day.  Amazing to see so much artistic energy coming from a young guy.  I hope he has friends and family around him that encourage him!

Great ! Never Stop  !!!

Holy Dancing Shoes!!!  This boy has it going on!!  So much energy, so fluid, and total command of the choreography and ownership of the floor.  He made the other dancers look like they were standing still.  He definitely should audition for SYTYCD when he's older.  I'd say he's got a future as a dancer!  Well done young man...well done!  

Meh.  He's good but he's not that good.  Though with time and training he can be really good.

I agree... I find his moves really stiff.. He has the energy though..

Make that 2 trolls. 

Always has to be one troll on the boards. 

Why are you hating? This kid is 11 years old. If you can hate on an 11 year old who is FABULOUS... you must go around hating everyone. Lo Siento for you. 

I so loved his performance done with passion, drive and love of wonderful he has found such a great talent at such a young age.  What I was bothered by were the disgusting, foul-mouthed comments aimed at the young people in this video.  You should be ashamed of yourselves!


Someone send this video to the Ellen TV website.  She will put him on the show and no doubt give him some nice gift $$$$$$$$

He owned it. And used up that floor without impeding anyone. Way to go!!!

Work Me Ova!!!

I see another America's Got Talent competitor! He's great!

the other kids were great as well  ......they all were good .......

not really, no..

^LOL #truth

I thought he was awesome, if you got what it takes to do this then do it no matter who you are.  He has great moves and he will make a great dancer as he gets older.  Keep up the great job young man.  You are an awesome dancer

Y'all fake ass,lazy Mf's "drag in training".Please note your sitting on your ass watching not doing shit but judging.

Love it!! It takes an Instinct to show a talented mind! Don't say a drag Queen in training! I have never ever seen a Drag Queen move like that - fearful of their weaves falling getting out of places! 

On the quest of being a bottom .....typical Gaga's fan.

Also, why don't we try *not* talking about an 11 yr old's sexual positions preferences, huh?

You can leave your internalized homophobia/self-loathing/misogyny at the door.

It's not only bottoms who love Gaga, and dancing...sooooo yeah...

Is that a lilBeast i see there? Amazing!!! Here's another one with him in it:

I sent a note to this kid and he responded very appreciatively.  If you look on youtube, you will see him respond to a lot of the comments in a very kind way.

Drag Queen in Training!!! Outdanced all those lil girls!!!

How is he a drag queen in training? Why can't he just be a dancer?

Negative,judgmental people like you,never amout to shit really. Please post your dance moves:)

Not everyone thinks being a drag queen is a negative thing, and I really don't think the person who made the comment meant it to be an insult. Every drag queen I've ever met has been a very confident person with a big personality. Sounds like you're the one being judgmental. 

Why is being a drag queen a negative thing?



My eyes dried out from not wanting to blink. Wow, so great!

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Yes, he is excellent --but he is a child, so I think using terms like the "c"word above are in poor taste, don't you?

I dont think so. Go watch a drag queen rehearse and try and tell me that they dont use that same term. Its no big deal. Besides... this is a gay website.

Cunting is a dance style

100% untrue.

he needs to audition  for  so you think you can dance cause he can

I am LIVING for this kid!!! He straight handled that routine like a BOSS!!! I love how he was serving cunty realness to every single girl on that floor! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

I LOVE THIS KID!!! Especially when he skips around all those girls!! "This is MY stage Bitches!!!" :)

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