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Scientists Figure Out Average Male Penis Size

Depending on your taste, science may have just ruined or improved your day.

Based on self-submitted measurements from guys in the market for custom-made condoms, researchers have determined the average male penis size. 

Drum roll, please.

It's 5.57 inches. 

In case you're concerned about the accuracy of the study, lead researcher Dr. Debby Herbenick insists that the method of obtaining the data provided for authentic results. 

Unlike most previous studies of self-reported penis size, [subjects] had good reason to report accurate data to us because we were using their size data to match them to a condom that was sized to fit their erect penis. If they reported a bigger-than-reality size to us, they would get a baggier condom. If they reported a smaller-than-reality size to us, the condom would be too tight.

Hmmm. Guess 99 percent of Grindr users are way above average! What are the odds??

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The amateurism of this article is not mentioning the method of measurement! I assume bone pressed then? It's quite small for an average then.

You're not a size queen? Then you must be a LIAR. lol.

I've been 'out' and very active for 38 years, and I've gotta say that while I don't have a problem with a guy's size, I truly believe from all that I have actually seen, the average GAY guy's dick is definitely more than 6 inches. Thus I have to also believe there's a heck of a lot of much shorty straight guys out there. And their average size must be 5 or less in order to balance things out for that 5.57 size to be true. (Sorry, Heteros, guess it's just part of our DNA).

Do you carry a ruler with you and measure each guy you sleep with?

When you know your own size it is pretty easy to compare when you are intimate. And also when you've had a relationship with one who was 5" at the most, and another relationship with one who was 9" - I don't even know why I am explaining this when my initial statement was sufficient.

My experience with gay guys has not been the same as yours. Most smaller than my 6.5. Another possibility is that you are simply a magnet for big-dicked guys. LOL.

By the way the number of guys I've been with that tried to pass off 6 inches as 8 is just pathetic. I get a kick from the look on their faces when they say to me, wow you're big and I respond, not really... just 6.5!. Maybe they are measuring wrong, who knows maybe along the underside from their asshole to the tip or something.

Love it... Hey, maybe WE are the ones measuring it wrong. I'll have to see what it is measuring from the asshole. It's all relative anyway, so if they are going to measure that way, then it only follows so should we.

By the way, I doubt I'm any kind of magnet. And I'm not a size-queen, but I DO like their boyfriends. (Sorry - couldn't resist throwing that old joke into the mix).

When you are young, all you can think about is size, and looking and comparing, my is above average, but older, it is about orgasm baby.  I love a  nice size dick, but a small one on the right guy is fine also.  Also, I am a testicle guy, so if those are low hangers, then I am all good to go.  I have met some really hot guys, with really nice bodies, with small penis, some are introverted about it and some are comfortable with it.  I think most mature people are up front with penis size, surely they have got past the point comparing.  Have fun with the pleasure.

OK. If average is 5.57 like the article says...  you men slamming on guys for lying about size can't ALL be telling the truth. Statistically you wouldn't find 7 guys claiming to be way bigger than average and one smaller than average in a mixed group.  Unless you are implying that this website attracts only men with large dicks. LOL ;)

Maybe guys that are smaller than average are embarrassed to post about it.

All I know is I have never had any complaints and since most choke on it or have issues then I am not worried. In the end there is no point lying because the person will find out the truth in the end. I just didn't realize you get customized condoms. Would of been nice when I was younger before they made a magnum size to have this option.

Its all about the use of it you all get hung up on size some big, small whatever know how to work it plain and simple in pleasing a women and not your ego :)

Hey Jonathon, Long time...great article.

Best, Adam

Is this AOL inches?

This is a bunch of BS. The size of your dick erected is different then the size soft. That's why when your hard it can get up to 9 inches and thick, and when soft its about 5 or 6 inches limp. You don't know how big a dick is unless its stretched out all the way, so this is false!!!!!

The 5.57 inch average in the article is erect. Is yours 9 inches erect?

Makes total sense. At 6.5" I always thought I was small... until I started sleeping with guys and found that I was bigger than most.

Ditto all the comments on guys lying about size. How can you respect guys that do? Knowing he's a liar that takes you for a fool makes for pretty bad sex.

Imagine if you will a naturally born gay guy who never saw a full growed penis until it was time to strip in the shower room in the 7th grade.  It was immediately realized that I was nothing like the other teens in my PE class and I avoided the shower daily until the coach/pe instructor sent a note home to my mother advising that I refuse to shower after my failed attempts to exercise.  You see, I was born with a physical condition that is known as hidden penis syndrome.  Look it up.  Most little boys grow out of it as the testicles extend to the normal position but because I was an overweight child during my pre-puberty and puberty stages of development, my penis remain retracted into the area of groin fat and was not visible to anyone when flacid.

I managed to make it through high school with my shy hamster penis.  To top it off, my erect penis measures less than 4.5 inches on a good day.  As I continued to mature and come out of the closet, I still had not bared it all to anyone.  Some of the guys would grab my crotch out of interest for possible play but I would recoil because I was not ready to accept what God gave me or share it with other men, especially gay men.

It wasn't until I left the country of Southern Mississippi and moved to the Big Easy, New Orleans and was introduced to the gay bar with dozens of confirmed and practicing gay men and a early morning visit to a notorious French Quarter bathhouse when I let my guard down and revealed the excited hamster meat.  I was welcomed as if I were a leper or freak because all of my drinking buddies were card carrying size queens.  Not only was I marginalized by the hetro world the gay community did not accept me for my uniqueness.  

My reaction was I went back into the closet and remained there until I met an exceptional man who accepted me for who I am and made me feel sexy, desired, and wanted.  He would say that its just a kick stand anyway to prop me up for better access to other parts of my body.

I still question how and why my creator who assigned me as homosexual would then equip me with the ultimate slap in the face for a gay man in this community of size queens and horse hung.  At the age of 57, I remain in a constant state of inadequencies and a social recluse because I just cannot deal with rejection anymore when I reluctantly strip for or my clothes are removed off my unprepared and my cock hungry partner is met with such a contradiction.  I have had a relationship with a man that dated me for 7 months without any sexual activity at all and when the time finally arrives and the stage is set, I am confident that this man actually loves me for me and the size of my penis would not matter to him.

It still amazes me to this day how gay men hide there true feelings about sex and cock size. I have had a trick strip and jump into bed and reach for my hidden buddy recoiling so that he picked up his clothes and shoes and headed straight to the door without a word.

And, I have had guys at the bath house come up to my opened door of my room and pull the door shut in a heartless display of dominance.  I cannot go any further with this.  I just want all to know just how hurtful guys can be towards someone who is different than status quo.  Its called gay discrimination.  The fight for gay rights does not mean a thing to me until the gay community accepts me and my little prick.  I do ask support from nor do I volunteer or donate money to any LGBT organization in any shape, form or fashion.  Since my penis size is not accepted or welcomed then no other aspect of me is acceptable.

This is extreme failure within those that fight for equal rights for the LGBT community.  They are no better than the Christian hypocrites who fight against gay rights and marriage.  I am no one to judge those who give judgment but I do believe that I am a better man than those who seek the horse hung.

You do realize that there is surgery to fix this right?

This is what I just read: 

Blah Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah. Gay. Blah Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah. Penis. Blah Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah. HORSE HUNG. 

That sounds very ignorant to me. I have plenty of gay friends, none of which have grabbed at or seen my crotch, so it seems like you're hanging around the wrong kind of people. If you go out to clubs all the time, of course you're going to be around people obsessed with sex. And don't act like you've never lusted after a guy because of the size of his penis. Everyone knows a large penis is seen as virile and desirable. This sounds to me like you are hating yourself and blaming god for your short comings, and you take it out by not donating to LGBT? You have a little dick, and you're selfish. It's not like it would be any better if you were with women...

I never lie about my dick, but maybe I should since apparently all the people getting the attention are fucking liars.  Mine is 6.5-7 depending on how excited I get but I'm more proud of the girth which is a full 6 around.  It also is one of the only nice looking UC dicks I have ever seen...  If I could find somebody with the same dick I'd be in hog heaven.  The average should be replaced by the range.  Every gay guy at least knows dicks can vary infinitely.  Some guys who think they have a small dick could actually have an ugly dick OR a nasty stank dick.  Size only caters to specific taste.  There are worse things.... I'll still suck a short, fat and cute one with big shaved balls-  but not one several colors that smells like crotchrot, we as a nation watched Sex In The City and learned to laugh, but we also exhausted this topic.  People's sexual intelligence and self awareness are better than ever.   BTW, the comments on this page were damned hilarious or I wouldn't have commented.

I hate when guys lie about their size. I am above average but I think of myself as average.. So I tell guys im average and then they get more then they expected... but being a bottom its an just something to hang on to :)

lmao!!  how true!!

I'm happily just under 7 ... and I don't lie about it. I've had guys tell me that I'm too small for them, but when they see a pic of it, they think I'm bigger than I said! I've had Grindr guys tell me they're 7 or 8, and I get there, and they are smaller than I am. I won't bottom for anyone bigger than 6, so being honest with me gets me more interested in being interested in them LOL

Maybe the lesson here should be that if penis size matters that much to you, you're probably a whore (directly or indirectly) and your chances of getting a real relationship that lasts for more than a year is unlikely.

You've seen those pics where a guy has a grip on his shaft and it looks BIG?  I figure he just has abnormally small hands.

Is that real inches or gay inches? I've been lied to for so long I don't know what 6 inches really looks like =P

but on grindr they are measuring from their assholes

SO TRUE!   I have a 6.5" cock (OBVIOUSLY bigger than average!  LOL) and you show up to a guy's house with a 7.5" cock...and it's 5".  

I'm not nice about it.  "Dude, get out a dollar bill!  Your cock isn't even as long as that!"  Asshole liars.  Like we wouldn't know!

I get guys telling me that my cock looks bigger than 6.5" in the pics they see.  It's because so many guys lie about the actual size. 


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