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11 Shirtless Hollywood Hunks Who Should Replace Charlie Hunnam In '50 Shades Of Grey'

We're making room on our casting couch today after Charlie Hunnam and producers of the hotly anticipated 50 Shades Of Grey film adaptation decided that the coveted titular role of Christian Grey is still up for grabs (literally, we wish). The Internet is divided on which actor is best suited for the part of the unspeakably handsome 27-years-old-ish fictional S&M enthusiast, so we've gone ahead and done the dirty work (literally, we wish) to help fill Christian Grey's big shoes with these 11 shirtless Hollywood heartthrobs. 


Henry Cavill

The Man of Steel stud has already met high expectations with one heavily-scrutinized role. Oh, and, yeah, we'd like to see Henry handle some leather on screen. Not ashamed about it. 

Jared Padalecki

The CW superstar has counted us as fans from Gilmore Girls through Supernatural. He has everything the role calls for and is overdue for a big, juicy (we hope) part!

Matt Bomer

The obvious choice. An Internet petition amassed nearly 40,000 signatures in support of the openly-gay White Collar actor nabbing the role. 

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas might be a little young for the part of Christian Grey, but is hands-down, ankles-up one of the most talented actors to appear in film in years. Oh, and he happens to be absolutely stunning, in case you weren't paying attention over the past three years.  

Brant Daugherty

We developed a crush on Brant Daugherty thanks to Pretty Little Liars, but we're not upset that the rest of America has finally joined the fanclub thanks to Brant's participation in this season's Dancing With The Stars. Think of him as Matt Bomer, served straight up. Yep, we'd like to drink that in as Christian Grey.

Dan Ewing

This popular Aussie actor soap star already has the brooding romantic chops and a body that could sell a zillion movie tickets. Plus, he has a face that closely resembles the artist's rendering of how a fully-realized Christian Grey might look. Could this be the role that helps him splash it big in America? 

Andrew Garfield 

Andrew's resume is heavily praised by critics around the world, but it's his mix of charm and seduction on-camera that could help him wiggle in to fit Christian Grey's shoes. 

Chace Crawford 

With Gossip Girl off the air, Chace Crawford is a vast resource of jaw-dropping beauty that's going wasted. Help save the environment by putting him to work in 50 Shades of Grey. Thank you, management.

Kit Harington

We already know Kit looks phenomenal in black leather thanks to his tenure as a man of the Nights Watch on Game of Thrones, so he's a natural fit for the role as well. Easy, breezy, cover girl.

Stephen Amell

The CW is a notorious heartthrob factory and offers many gorgeous men from its primetime lineup of series that would be suitable for Christian Grey, but perhaps none are as fit for the role as Arrow's Stephen Amell. How much would you pay to see this on the big screen for a change? 

Liam Hemsworth 

With the engagement to Miley now officially off, the youngest (and by some accounts, sexiest) Hemsworth brother could use a little cheering up. How about an appropriately-casted gig as Christian Grey as a consolation present? Sure, it's more of a gift for us, but we're sure Liam wouldn't mind. 


There you have it, Instincters, our submissions for a replacement of Charlie Hunnam in 50 Shades of Grey. Would you cast any of our nominations? Would you add someone we didn't mention? Sound off in the comments!






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Jared Padalecki! * - *PADALECKI !! *-*

If there absolutely had to be a change, Theo James, or even Jackson Rathbone. He has a sexy darkness about him. And Theo James is just gorgeous.

No. Charlie Hunnam is perfect.


I am surprised they did not have Channing on this list

Ian Somerholder!!!!!!!!

As long as they're able to run around naked and be hung like a horse -is all that matters.

todos bons atores ganharemocomtodos ele,melhor setodos atuarem no filme;;.bela historia;;/.

Chace Crawford would be perfect for the role

Jared Padalecki is the hottest thing ! Uff

Ian Somerhalder or what about Theo James?

Chris Salvatore...sweet ymmyness...


Shades of ''  gay '' ?????


Chris Salvatore all the way HE's GOT IT 

So... All the choices are white? Hmm... 50 shades of dull grey indeed.

Pardon my French, but who the F*CK is Chris Salvatore?  

Chris Salvatore is only the hottest man on the planet!  He is a fantastic singer/songwriter and can act which is very rare in this day and age!

that,s what i would like to know ????

A prominent gay film-actor.

I think Brant, Kit or even Chace look the part, they're young and fresh and yummy! This movie is doomed if it casts high-profile movie star. To cause a phenomenal stir in media it has to start from a less-known, everyone knows that.

Chris Salvatore only wants attention because he's a self absorbed gay man. He could play such a great character because he would over do it. And hes really not that sexy.

That's hilarious, because I was referred here by his post as well. Well played, well played. I won't insult him though.

Chris Salvatore he is by far the cutest and hottest 

Henry or Stephen

Why does Chris Salvatore keep posting about himself??? LOL

Umm love Chris Salvatore but I don't think he'd be just great for that role. I'm definitely team Mat Bomer

Well, this comment section doesn't look orchestrated, at all.




Dan Ewing

Chris Salvatore all the way!!!

Brandon Myles White

Ummmm Chris Salvatore or Ian Somerholder !

Chris Salvatore all the way... Who writes this stuff and doesn't do their research?

Where is Chris Salvatore on this list??????? He'd ROCK the part!!!!!

You definitely got it wrong...Chris Salvatore....

I would go with Chris Salvatore he is the description to a T just look at those beautiful eyes

Matt Bomer

Brant Daugherty looks good, but why neglecting the awersome Chris Salvatore ? He desserved definitively a space in this list :)

Chris Salvatore!!! I vote for him!!

Steven Questioli !!! 


What about Ian Somerhalder?!

I second this option!

shemar morre

Definitely Henry, he can beat me any day!

Jared or nicholas...jay ryan from beauty and the beast

Liam for the win!!!

Ryan Kwanten from True Blood is my choice.  

Chris Salvatore



Henry, Liam or Andrew!!!

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