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Which Famous Disney Character Was Just Revealed As Bisexual?

ABC's Once Upon A Time made a pretty bold move last night when the show revealed that one of Disney's most popular characters is a member of the LGBT family!



The masterful fighter is crushing on Sleeping Beauty's Aurora in a big way! 

And to complicate matters further, in season 2 she had feelings for Aurora's husband, Philip! Drama!!

Watch Mulan's big reveal (following her interaction with Robin Hood, of course)!

Surprised to learn that Mulan is bisexual, Instincters? More surprised that Disney let one of their famed characters move fluidly along the Kinsey scale? (Disney owns ABC.)


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Mulan may not be a fairy-tale character, but neither is Peter Pan (and all other Neverland-people) or the people from Wonderland (Mad Hatter and Red Queen) or Robin Hood. Still, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood are all in Disney movies. ;)

Nice Tom

Maybe we will have threesome :D 

Mulan is not from a "fairy tale", it's from an ancient folklore/oral history/books and she might exist. Source: Im a Chinese

Mulan is an ancient fairy tale from China, just like Sleeping Beauty and Snow white are anicent fairy tales from Europe. They're in the general domain and no one owns them or has to give permission to use them. The only thing Disney owns is their particular version of Snow, Beauty and Mulan. (costume, styling, etc). So if Once Upon a Time Mulan started wearing a green robe and carrying a birdcage with an ant in it, then Disney would have to give blessing.

actually mulan is a disney character, she may be from chinese foklore but disney made a movie about it which means she is also a disney character.

Mulan isn't a Disney character she's a character from Chinese folklore. 

Ummm I totally took this scene as Mulan wanting to tell Aurora that she loves Prince Philip. 

Hoping that the straight male demographic for the show going up perhaps?

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