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Gallery: How Does The Average American Male's Body Compare To Men In Other Countries?

We like mirrors. Guilty as charged. Until other specimens stand next to us to compare notes, then we may start to blush. 

That's the point of Pittsburgh-based artist Nickolay Lamm, who teamed up with body shape expert Dr. Matthew Reed. Together, they put thousands of points of Body Mass Index data from around the world into a simple to understand series of 3D images comparing the average American male in his 30s to his peers in three other countries. 

Here are the results:

"I wanted to put a mirror in front of us," Lamm told The Huffington Post. "Americans like to pride ourselves on being the best country in the world. However, it's clear that other countries have lifestyles and healthcare better than our own."

Lamm consulted the CDC, the Netherlands' RIVM and France's ENNS for his work. 

What do you think about the comparison?


Wait, is the average straight American male...?

Ha ha ha ha right!

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