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Matt Bomer Talks Halloween & Making Love To Cronuts On 'LIVE With Kelly & Michael'

If you've ever wanted to see Matt Bomer dressed as a cowboy, your wish came true this week when the White Collar star brought along a family Halloween photo to LIVE With Kelly & Michael. 

In addition to the overwhelming adorableness of the pic that also showcased hubby Simon Halls and the couple's three boys, Matt discussed his carnal love for cronuts ... and how it might affect his preparations for The Normal Heart

This officially marks the first time we've ever been jealous of a cronut.


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What a great looking family. The best of everything to them!

His husband is very ugly and older he can do much better because he is damn hottttt :)

That is such a stupid remark. What are you twelve? The obviously love each other. Who cares?

I don't think Matt cares what we think of his partner.  They obviously love each other very much.

With those kinds of comments, I'd say you're the ugly one. Rude.

What a horrible thing to say.

Just because someone is unattractive to YOU does not make them ugly.  Ugliness comes from the inside, from someone like you.

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