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Are These Gay Soap Star Scott Evans' Leaked Nude Pics?

First, who hasn't posted nude pics online? 

Also, Dan Avery @ NewNowNext points out the elephant in the room: previous pics of Scott don't show a mole or tattoo that's on display in these new pics. 

With that outta the way, pics featuring what seems to be a naked Scott Evans (younger, openly gay brother of Chris Evans) have hit the Internet. Thanks to Scott's time spent playing the out Officer Fish on One Life To Live we have other half-naked forensic evidence to go by, and aside from the chest spot, it all adds up (and boy, how we took measurements). 

What do you think, Instincters? Are these pics of the former Instinct cover guy? (Head to OMGBlog for the full frontal. NSFW, obviously.)



Not guys...thats how i Like en...Not to worked out

Anyone can get a tattoo at anytime... either way if it's him or not still nice to look at. I'd still rather play with his brother Scott.

I meant Chris... total brain cramp for a moment there.

I wish this guy would of showed his Cock. I prefer the Front of a Man then the Bum

there are full frontal shots.. the link to see the full frontal is above..

He is so Sexy. Hes the Gay Brother of Chris Evans. Mr Captain America and The Human Torch.

I think these guys are both sexy. but as far as the Levine Brothers Adam Levine is so much better looking then his gay brother

He is ok, seen better


Mentadent? I didn't know they still made that stuff. 

Unless he gave permission for these pics to be online i really hate that people put this stuff up 

He most likely uploaded them to a dating sit and once he does that, they become public property until he removes them. But then there is no way he can control what happens from there. Legally that is.


really hot bod dude

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