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Naked Zac Efron Shows Off A Strap On In "That Awkward Moment" Red Band Trailer [NSFW]

Proof of god, or at least, Oprah, can be found in the new trailer for That Awkward Moment. The upcoming movie follows around three 20-something men as they spend most of their time getting drunk and having sex; what sounds like another age-specific rip of The Hangover (Last Vegas, anyone?) is instantly redeemed right along with the existence of someone who answers prayers at the sight of a naked Zac Efron, and, moments later, Zac Efron sporting a strap on. 

Praise the Lordt. 


Love Zac Efron, but Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z!!!!! *SNAK!*

Zac's first R rated movie. Too str8, got something to prove, wannabe movie. I'll pass.

to funny i was laughing all the way thru it lol.

Yawn, I'll wait for the dvd...

no ass!!!!!!!!

Wow, That's gonna suck!

He has no ass!

You have to be seventeen to see a naked butt?????

Oh, yet another stupid low-brow "humor" movie I'll be avoiding like the plague.  Can we switch to a different theme set, please?  :-p

Geez....Be more smug and a bit "gayer"... 

Hmm.... In your vocabulary, does "gayer" mean more intelligent?

Mmmmmm lol

Straight guys. yuk!  Cute though.


i cant wait to see it

how to pee with a hard on

HAHA! That's what I was thinking.

Sempre bom ver Zack ,,

I got to see this. Zack is Hot

nice movie... i wannna watch it in full.  How  i wish to see those guys.


nice movie... i wannna watch it in full.  How  i wish to see those guys.


nice magazine to read

OMG, could his "first coming out" movie not be so stupid and banale?  Why does it always take the antics of the Stooges to allow for actors to come out piece-by-piece, or am I just a little too wine-infused for proper judgment?

eww i hope that toilet is empty. hawt thought.

Damn Zack turned into to a major hottie I would tap that any time any place :)

I wonder if he is as bad of an actor in bed


Me too Chris!!!!


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