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NJ Gov. Chris Christie Explains How He'd React If One Of His Kids Came Out As Gay

In a Tuesday debate at New Jersey's Montclair State University, Republican Gov. Chris Christie explained that if one of his four children came out as gay, he would “grab them and hug them and tell them I love them.”


But he'd also tell them “that Dad believes that marriage is between one man and one woman."

Gah. So close. 

Christie continues: “My children understand that there are going to be differences of opinion in our house and in houses all across this state and across this country."  He concluded, saying that he would respect voters if they approved same-sex marriage, but again emphasized his belief that the decision does not belong to the courts or the legislature.

Surprised Gov. Christie would deny his own children equality, Instincters?


No surprise here. Xenophobia is everywhere!!!

I love you kid but I just don't want you to have the same rights as I do. 

Recent polls have consistently shown that a growing majority of New Jersey citizens favor legalizing same-sex marriage.  Surely Christie knows this.  So, why waste time and money on a referendum?

He must have some kind of voter rigging system - I've never felt safe around Repubs that mysteriously entrust the "voter public" to decide an issue that is a key to their constituents. Sounds shady.

Not surprised in the least, in fact he acted precisely as I expected he would. It's nice to know that people such as Christie are consistent and dependable; though it would be nice to be pleasantly surprised now and again...

Maybe he should be more like the man he was when he welcomed Pres.Obama to view the N.J. destruction, the olive branch went a lon way; he can not be pandering to tea party people, they [tea party] wont like him anymore, because he is really not one of 'them'; especially being Sicilian, Italian, and Roman Catholic,..... go back to the Olive Branch.

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