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HBO Gay Series 'Looking' Gets Premiere Date!

According to Variety, the HBO series Looking, which centers around three gay friends in San Francisco will premiere on Sunday, January 19 at 10:30 p.m. following Girls!

Murray Bartlett, Jonathan Groff, and Frankie J. Alvarez portray the three leads.

Will you be looking at Looking, Instincters?


HEre is an idea.. get BET to create a gay series. 


This show should be banned from TV!

Why does everyone have to see things through the eyes of race?

It's fairly obvious. Look, dude, I'm a cis white gay man and my first reaction was "oh, 3 white guys, great," *doublecheck* "oh, 2 white guys and a light-skinned hispanic guy, ok, I guess they're trying to get 'edgy' with the token Latin."

Look at whitegay-dominated shows like Queer as Folk or The L Word (for drama) or Will & Grace (for sitcom). Generally a more thorough blending of genre and plotlines (silly and serious) than the mostly casting gays of color (Noah's Ark) which just seem telenovelo-levels of silly drama with little depth. 

Look at Glee - ok, token trans* character of color, after what, 3 seasons about a gay white couple?

I'm all for more gay media, I'd just like it to be less whitewashed -- again, this coming from a gay white cis guy.

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Oh great! Another WHITE-WASHED story of gay life with a light-complexion Latino thrown in to avoid a well-deserved charge of ignoring ethnic and color diversity in our community!

Another display of how gay media makes the rainbow flag something to shit on instead of honor. For that, I doubt I'll be watching.

Faux Rainbow

Write That Down #43

Kiss The Rainbow

Definitely! I'm really happy that San Francisco gets to be the setting of this show and I'm always curious how my city gets to be portrayed in this show. Plus, I'm also a fan of Jonathan Groff since I saw him on Spring Awakening. :)

Of Course!!! YaY!!! Finally....

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