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Messy: Behind-The-Scenes Of Tan Mom's Gay Porn Debut

When you think of what's missing in modern gay porn, you think Tan Mom, right? Lucky for us, LucasEntertainment has given gay porn fans the casting lineup of their dreams in Kings of New York 2, starring the 2012 Internet meme who has found a niche career as a professional mess for LGBT audiences

A new behind-the-scenes clip featuring Tan Mom's messiest moments on set of the adult film has hit the Internet. Develop a newfound appreciation for porn stars by hitting "play" below (the video is mostly safe for work):

(h/t: Buzz Feed)


Some kind of drug poor woman .... rehab ASAP !!!

Someone in a gay porn scene who is incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence while lacking the intellect and/or self-respect to realize that they're the brunt of the joke?  Now there's a concept!

I love tan mom. She's a riot. I read elsewhere she filmed this scene about 6 months ago. She's supposedly sober now [ YEAH RIGHT] . nonetheless she's in a Michael Lucas porn . I bet most people talking trash and making fun of her wish they could be in one.

Is she never not drunk?

Why does she twitch her face and mouth so much?  She is one ugly woman 

No, Blanche. Don't go there. :P


she is on crack plus she is ugly gross 

Everybody wants a woman upholstered in fine Corinthian leather.

What is wrong with that woman?!?! That's beyond drunk!

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