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Stephen Fry Destroys Architect Of Russia's Anti-Gay Law In Illuminating Debate

In the final episode of Stephen Fry's must-watch docu-series Out There, Vitaly Milonov—known as the author of Russia's heinously infamous anti-gay propaganda law—reiterates his struggle with rationality that an international audience already suspected. 

Milonov was never a match for the wits of Fry, but watching the two debate Russia's ban on being gay in public provides at least some insight into the type of thinking that birthed the bigotry out into the world. 




I thought Stephen Fry conducted himself really well here, the russian architect of this anti gay legislation didn't do nearly as well, unfortunately an illiterate man making policies for a whole country, it beggars belief.

It rather goes without saying that when one engages in a war of wits with folks like these, it becomes very quickly apparent that they are completely unarmed.  This loon is no exception to that rule.  

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