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Is This New Fake Muscle Undershirt The Spanx For Men?

Yes, we already know that Spanx for Men™ exists (don't ask us how we know), but Funkybod's "muscle shaping shirt" kicks the concept up a few reps. 

Gizmodo reports on the undershirt that's beaten Japan's offering to our shores (and which doesn't leave the biceps out of the picture):

It's all thanks to a set of subtle plates—presumably made of a comfortable foam—that accentuate your shoulder, bicep, lat, pectoral, and shoulder muscles. Worn by itself the fake muscles are easy to spot, but when worn under another shirt no one will be able to tell you don't spend every morning at the gym. And the plates supposedly even feel like real muscle, so no one will be the wiser until you're forced to take your shirt off. Which means that if you spill on yourself, you'll be wearing that stained shirt all day until you get home.

Could you see this catching on?


In more cases than not, men need a "gut buster" shirt that holds their fat bellies up and in.  I remember going to a bar once and actually had to stoop UNDER a guys belly to get past him.  Padding doesn't help those guys one bit.   Skinny guys that want to feel a little better when going out should go for it.  I just wouldn't bring someone home and have to explain the sudden loss of 40 pounds of muscle.

Yes ided buy it

Its like a pushup/padded bra! Oh wait, did I say that? Oops. You men are so silly! 

and you ladies with your sagging  tits. you are so silly.  There is a market for your sad tits and you spend so much into picking them up lol

Dear Mr. Burlesk

I am sorry your panties are in a twist. I suggest removing your pants and un-twisting them; you will be much more comfortable that way.

Predictable & revolting. Fake. Fake. Fake. Precisely for all the people I hope never to meet in my lifetime.

At first glance, I thought the logo was Funkyboob.


Isnt it funny that the image of the guy they use for the model is already skinny and really wouldnt need this at all to pick up guys? Also a bit of a sad statement of how this country perceives itself when you have to buy this kinda stuff just to make yourself feel better and be accepted.

OK, we visited this before, & recently.  And I say again, yeah, it worked SO well for the guy who followed Michael Novotny home in the pilot episode of "Queer As Folk", & Michael was all hot & bothered until the spanx came off, & it turned out that EVERYTHING, pecs, abs, gluts, & yes the dick too, were all padding.  Michael was BEYOND relieved when he got the call to go to the hospital with Brian - I would have been too.  What's the point of this kind of false advertising?  What could it possibly gain you?  Except contempt?  

If it were a BIT less subtle maybe.....But damm, its like a HAM placed across your chest. Can they make it a little less obvious? 

I've always been a bit self conscious about being too skinny. Just my metabolism no matter how much I eat. I'd buy that shirt.

Right! this is how I feel and am living with, but I would have to disappear for a bit and then come back, because no one would believe it. lol!

I would totally use this when I am out at a club and want to make a bunch of men feel terrible about themselves. 


I would buy it

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