Donald Trump Keeping Miss Universe In Russia To "Do Something About" Anti-Gay Law

Miss Universe owner Donald Trump appeared on MSNBC to discuss his decision to keep this year's pageant in Russia despite protests and petitions. He spoke with Thomas Roberts, one of the network's openly gay hosts who was revealed on Thursday as a co-host of the event, about the importance of letting the show go on. 

Said Trump:

"We can go over there and maybe make a difference. You can avoid it and that's one way of handling it, or you can go over there and very perhaps, make a difference. We have many people in the pageant system who happen to be gay...and they actually feel very enthused about this because they feel we can make a difference as a group, and individually.

"Going to Moscow is a great thing. Going in the face of some of their rules regulations or laws is something that frankly - something we can avoid it and hide - which I don't think is good - the gay groups in Moscow are loving the fact that we are going over there. So we can hide, or we can do something about it. So I think that you're going to do something about it, and I think that I'm going to do something about it."

What do you think about Trump's defense of keeping Miss Universe in Moscow?








I'm sure the money doesn't hurt either right Trump? 

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