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Brent Corrigan Seeks 'Truth'--While Naked--In New Indie Thriller

Former porn star Brent Corrigan, who now goes by Sean Paul Lockhart continues his crossover into the mainstream arena in the new indie psychological thriller Truth.

(It's sort of Fatal Attraction meets Primal Fear meets Sleeping With The Enemy. But gay??) 

Check out the trailer.

Is it weird that we're kind of intrigued? It's possible that it's in that "we'd totally watch this as a porn set-up" way, but intrigued is intrigued! 

Score one for Mr. Corrigan Lockhart!

Truth is currently making the festival circuit rounds in Europe and the U.S.; you can see it in San Diego on Oct. 19. It's scheduled for DVD release in February.

Will you be watching?


Image Source (H/T: Queerty)



Brent Corrigan is vile!
He should voice publicly his positive HIV status if he wants real attention. Some "truth" is needed once and for all from Ms. Corrigan
Oh yeah, the movie is distasteful! It's enough to make a billy goat wretch!

lol, Its always fun reading the "jealous queen/ wish he was mine", comments... but that was just corny. A billy goat? Really??

I would gladly watch him do anything

It actually doesn't look half bad.  I was totally skeptical at first but after watching the clip.  The acting at least seems decent :)

Nasty bitchy comments. 

I would rather watch Ricky Martins hair grow .

Potential maybe? lol


Remind me not to watch this.

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