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The Two New 'Faces Of Grindr' Revealed!

Out of 780 submissions and more than 2500 votes, Matthew Stehlik and Eric Angelo have been named by the salivating public as the faces (and torsos) of the new Grindr.

Did Grindr voters get it right?? We'll allow you to give both winners a close inspection and to weigh in with your opinion.

Here's Orlando, Florida model and bartender Matthew Stehlik:

Then we've got go-go boy Eric Angelo, a Texas native who calls Hollywood home. Would you have guessed that he also collects old books and is a science fiction fan?? We wonder what he's reading now...

According to Grindr, the two gents will be brought to Los Angeles for a three night stay that includes some serious pampering, a new wardrobe from Kent Denim and Maor Luz, a Grindr photo shoot and a coming out party.  They'll also both be featured in upcoming Grindr ads.

Did voters get it right, Instincters?


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They look like they could be twins. I wouldn't be able to tell one apart from the other.

Good looking guys, but not one of them could have been a queer man of color?

But of course a white boy won not just one but two white boys .. Typical !! 

It's a hookup app, not a grad-level class in Queer Theory. And I doubt that having two white guys as spokesmen for a hookup app is going to destroy our society. Poverty and drugs are going to destroy society. If anything, the fact that you're complaining about the race of two Grindr models reeks of privilege; how many poor gays can't even afford smart phones because they're homeless, etc. Get a grip, get a life, and get over it.

Agree that they look too much alike, though. The Matthew kid isn't very good looking, his head is shaped like an egg and his body is shaped like a barrel (read: an ugly guy who hits up the gym a lot). Eric's by far the better looking dude; a classically good-looking guy who could be a legitimate model.


Those are 2 different guys? They look the same to me... Diversity? Nah, it's only 2013...who wants diversity?

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These 2 choices show just how racist, White, robotic, therefore void of individual thinking Grindr voters are. First of all, these 2 look practically related.

But you know what? This is one time I'm glad voters showed those aforementioned flaws. For anyone dependent upon Grindr (or any hook-up app or website) who feels the need to take the time to choose the face of it is a socially inept emotional cripple.

For we don't directly communicate with each other like we should as it is. So I actually THANK the voters for using their ignorance to put a clone White faces on continuing this void of communication that is destroying not just our community, but our society overall.

Bare & Read Our Bodies

Well said, LeNair. These revolting apps are driving the wedge deeper and deeper among gay men as our entire culture becomes entrenched in nothing but shallow sexual conquest. For many, their sexual behavior has become institutionalised and their emotional connection to anything meaningful rapidly diminished.

Speaking as a recovered sex-addict, perhaps its time to stop promoting that our lives are about nothing but sexual acquisition and look at the damage we are inflicting upon ourselves as a global community. This tedious, repetitive image of the materialistic, hedonistic, body fascist go-go boy lifestyle is nothing good to aspire to.

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