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Photo: Mario Lopez Accidentally Rips His Pants

Mario Lopez's ass doesn't know its own strength. Or, the Rated M Underwear ad team has devised a brilliant marketing plan for an upcoming line based on Mario Lopez splitting his pants at the crotch wherever he goes. 

Whatever the cause for this glorious tailor's nightmare, we're all the luckier because the Extra! host decided to share a picture of his bad fortune on Twitter:

(h/t: NNN)


Somebody needs to do a Spongebob "Ripped Pants" video with Mario Lopez's face photoshopped throughout the song

i like u mario lopez

Why not commando Mario. I have pictures you in that same position without clothes many times. With the smile and index finger pointing.

So what if he likes to take it? He is gorgeous! He can have whatever he wants, men, women, cats, dogs, elephants, HE IS HOT! LUv you Mario!

 nosssa vc conseguiu parti a sua cauça bem no fundo

hi like your post ......i think your cock is very smallest.........hahahaha joke

At least he does not go comando, darn it all...

i wanna kiss him from face to bottom  .hi mario hope we could meet in the future for love.....


Mr.Creeped out:
Paul's comments are totally not creepy. In fact they are sorta sweet compared to the filth that straight guys have to spit out. You clearly have some work to do on your homophobic problem

Meh. Can we get one with Mark Paul Gossler. I was always more of a Zac Morris fan than an AC Slater one.

Well, no wonder! Mario has a rockin' tight gluteus maximus; just lovely to see!

... IN OTHER NEWS:... Can we talk for a second? All T and no (well, a little) Shade?

Have any of you noticed how much makeup he's wearing?! I'm a makeup artist and I can tell instantly when men are wearing a not so easily detected foundation/concealer.

You can tell because the skin is white around his eyes.

You're ate up, a good make up artist knows how to blend. Obviously you aren't good. The white is from tanning with protection over the eyes or sunglasses.

Paul, this is why straight men get creeped out.  Maybe keep those thoughts to yourself.  If you were actually in love with him you wouldn't see him only as a sex object.


If you were a man who was completely secure in your own sexuality, then why would someone's comments, unrelated to you ... creep you out? Sounds like your in fear darling, could be internalized homophobia... so not attractive. You know your a "real straight man" when you can find the flattery and humor in getting hit on by a gay guy and be secure with it in and of yourself. Go get some therapy dude... your the one with the issues.

Mr. Creeped Out, 

If you are so called STRAIGHT, why would you be reading an article about Mario Lopez ripping his pants in the CROTCH, with a picture attached? 

Second, Paul never stated he seen him as a SEX object....And YES you can be in LOVE with someone and also see them as a SEX object! 

Third, Paul, Thoughts are meant to be expressed, especially in an OPEN , Social Media Forum. 

If you don't care for CREEPY THOUGHTS, perhaps you should stay out of CREEPY Places. Not That INSTINCT Magazine is Creepy....but it does post alot of GAY Stuff!!!!!

Dr. Sasha Brooks


Soooo should WOMEN get "creeped out" every time a straight man says the same thing about them???   If so, I'm going to have to move to another planet due to the creeps.... and according to Paul, he was talking about Mario, not YOU... so I am unsure where your "creeps" are coming from?


A real woman

He looks so natural in that position. Well, maybe I'm just dreaming. Been in love with this guy for many, many years!

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