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Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith Spotted With "Muscular" Boyfriend At Bar

Shepard Smith, one of the most recognizable faces of Fox News, has not announced publicly that he is gay. But thanks to a report from Gawker that has spread online, it's not like he's trying to hide it. 

In the middle of a piece about Smith's verbal altercation with a waitress at his regular Chelsea haunt, Gawker buries the lede: 

Smith had arrived earlier that night with a straight couple and his own regular date, a muscular 6-foot-2 30-something white male, whom Bathtub Gin employees refer to as “his boyfriend.” Like most other nights—Smith frequents the bar, located behind a coffee shop on 9th Avenue, about once a week—the anchor’s attention fell on his date. According to Minskova and one other source, who have seen Smith and his date drink there on multiple occasions, the couple frequently holds hands and rests them in each others’ laps under the table. Nobody we spoke with, including several Fox insiders, knew the name of Smith's date.

It's not the first we've heard of Smith batting for the LGBT team, but it's certainly the most definitive.

Smith is one of the only Fox News anchors to blast Republicans for homophobia and regularly avoids descending into the anti-gay rhetoric so common to the network's airwaves. So, even though he gets paid by a network known for its trumpeting of homophobic values, should Smith be pressured to come out of the closet? 




Just let him do what he wants, it's his life , after all. That's what we all wish for ourselves, but for  some reason most people think they know better when it comes to other people's lives. .

There's a difference between PRIVACY and SECRECY. This is what so many folks seem to misunderstand in the debate about "outing." In my opinion, since the media is constantly buzzing about the romantic lives of all sorts of heterosexual celebrities (including TV news people), then it only makes sense that they also buzz about celebs who have gay romances. This guy's social life is apparently easily knowable. I'm more bothered when the media keeps this sort of thing a secret. That's "inning" - a term I use to describe the practice of pretending that the whole world is mostly straight until proven otherwise.

No body should be forced to come out if they don't want too.

I thought he was out years ago. Seems to me he has already been listed as out by several gay publications. Why is this new news? If he is strong enough to withstand what positions his employer takes, perhaps he is also strong enough to be changing minds and hearts from the inside of the organization. Ya never know. Just like Forrest Gump and the box of chocolates. Maybe he is biting into the middle.

Shephard Smith is a hypocrite !! He should quit on the air but only after COMING OUT publicly and slammed the news station that promotes hate and inequality for gays.  He should come out, slam FOX on air, quit and go over to CNN and work SIDE BY SIDE with Anderson Cooper.

Imagine them as co-anchors on thats a nightly newscast EVEYONE would watch!

Shepard, if it's true Robert and I are so happy for you, may you guys be as happy as we are.

Greg Gutfeld, and the whole crew on Red Eye regularly support gay rights, so I don't see where the network has a homophobic only membership requirement.  That said, the Rick Santorum love fest during the election cycle by some (Sean Hannity for one) was a bit sickening. 

He seems to be doing right by lbgt so whats the problem....

Fox is known for making people squirm.  why should we let him get a pass?  If he worked for ANY other major network...I hate to give it credence by calling it major.  I only do so to distinguish it from other cable channels.  

How fucking rude. Leave the man alone.

so stupid who cares if he is gay or not 

People in the public eye who showcase homosexual behavior in public are probably gay. There's no need for him to verbally expose himself if his actions have done so already.

it's nobody's business if he choose to remain in the closet. He is very good of what he does, I would say second to Bill O'Reilly or Megan Kelly. He makes it interesting to watch the news...his side comments & style. He should be given credit purely of his proficiency on his profession and his sexuality has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

Should a Jewish person hide their identity if they work for the Nazi regime?  Should an African-American not remove his hooded white outfit while working for the KKK?  Should a gay-employee not disclose his gay sexual orientation to a gay-bashing television network?   My response to all of these is, "Quit your job!"  As long as Smith remains loyal to working for Fox News, he is helping an organization whose mission is to suppress the rights of the LGBT community.  Smith is a hypocrite, and is moving us backwards away from our fight for equality. Shepherd ... Come out, come out, wherever you are!  You're not in Kansas anymore!



So true.

Oh please he works for the most homophobic of all media outlets Fox Media, his personal life is FAIR GAME as long as he hides it.

No. As long as he's not an enemy and speaking out against us, leave him be. That's his closet that only he can come out of and it's none of our business.

I agree...Why is it our business? If he decides to out himself, then I will applaud his decision and either way I support his right to live his life the way chooses.

He shouldn't be pressured to come out if he wants to more power to him however I don't know if I would recommend working in a cesspool of homophobia but to each his own.

No, he shouldn't be pressured to come out! There shouldn't even be a closet to come out of. Let him be himself, and if people don't like it, they can just deal with it.

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