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YouTube Celeb Gets Read By 'Slut' Who Towed His Car

Apparent YouTube celebrity (and former Amazing Race contestant??) Joey Graceffa took to his channel to complain to his more than 2 million subscribers after some "slut" (his words not ours) had his car towed for allegedly blocking said slut's driveway. 

Try to get through the first 1 minute and 15 seconds of Joey's video for his not-so-nice explanation of what went down. (Seriously, we wouldn't encourage you to watch beyond that.)

Still there? Okay. So incidentally the "slut" who's driveway Joey was blocking "just a little bit" belonged to comedian Nate Clark decided to bless us all with his own video in response. 

So what did Nate "the Slut" Clark have to say to the YouTube celeb??


On the plus side, we're betting both Joey and Nate walk away from this car-towing debacle with more YouTube subscribers! See?! Everybody wins!


(H/T: Gawker)


Makes me sick that this kid makes 200K off of being an imbecile. 

Joey is hilarious! He will call a CAN OPENER a slut and a whore. If this guy is really a comedian he's gonna need some thicker skin. And who goes searching for the person who blocks your driveway in LA? Anyway, this is all moot because if you watch Joey's vlogs you'll know his car is grey, not blue. This guys probably secretly watches Joey's vlogs and wanted to get some publicity. LOL!! 

I thought Joey was talking about me, but then I remembered that I live in Manila and anyone who parks their car blocking someone's drive won't have any car to come back or claim anywhere....LOL! Lucky Joey... 

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WTF does Joey Graceffa have over 2 million subscribers? Are gays and their fag-hags really that moronic? Because my sitting through his performance flamboyance could even reach 100 seconds. For it's an overcompensation that says, "Look at me being 'on', because the real me is nothing worth looking at."

The problem is his going that route makes neither one worth looking at. Not the performance flamboyance, or the real obviously insecure him.

I love how slut is just the go-to word to insult anymore lol you had my car towed so you must be gratuitously promiscuous

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