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Is NBC To Blame For Sean Hayes Sitcom's Ratings Woes?

Like much of the Peacock network's programming, NBC's Sean Saves The World, which stars Will & Grace favorite Sean Hayes isn't bringing in big numbers.

So is it the content or the network itself?

Hayes seems to think it's a network problem.

The TV Page reports:

Sean Saves The World is averaging about 3.4 million sets of eyeballs and appears to be teetering on the brink of cancelation — despite receiving an order last week for four additional scripts. ”Based on its relative ratings there’s no chance it comes back for season 2,” says Bill Gorman, editor of

Still, Hayes remains optimistic.

“To me, [the show] is working,” the star insisted during a set visit yesterday. “It’s just the struggle of the elephant in the room which is ‘how do you get viewers to NBC?’ NBC programs great shows, it just doesn’t have the eyeballs CBS does.”

Hayes — who also produces Hollywood Game Night for the struggling network — insists both he and Peacock brass are “confident” in the comedy about a divorced, gay dad raising his 14 year-old daughter.

“Even if I wasn’t on the show, it’d be the funniest sitcom, to me, on the air right now,” he tells me. “I watch it and go, ‘Well, this is really f–king funny.’ I wouldn’t change anything right now, I think it’s all working.”

What do you think, Instincters? Are you watching Sean Saves The World? Do you agree with Hayes??

Sean Saves The World airs on Thursdays at 9p.m. on NBC.


I really like the show.  It has quite a bit of funny lines, especially the scenes between Sean and his mom.  I think Sean is a really funny guy, and I appreciate his talent in the show.

And I agree that the ratings should not be based strictly on who is watching live.  I never watch any shows live anymore, but record everything on my DVR.  I do not like having to sit through all of the commercials in any show, so I never watch anything live anymore, but rather just watch shows that I've recorded at my own leisure, and I'm able to skip past all of the commercials and just watch the show itself.

I think the show has potential.  It does need its steam and I think it will get going.  I remember Will & Grace and that first season wasn't great at all but eventually took off.  I think that this could happen for SSTW too.  Just give it the time it needs to develop its characters and story.  Sean Hayes is funny and he knows how to do funny well.  Good luck to the show I will continue to watch.  

For gods sake,  It is destined to fail, Sean became unashamedly famous as a loveable but ridiculously gay / camp idiot in Will & Grace............ we all know that.......... And now we are being asked to believe he is father of a 14 year old????. ............... Just silly.... from the outset the plot is flawed and unbelievable... will never succeed. .Go back to what he does best.

It needs time to build. But let's tell the truth and shame the Devil, "Parks & Recreation" (the show before it) is not that funny; it does not help Sean's show one whit.

3.4 million viewers and they think that isn't enough. Here is a newsflash for NBC:

1.) Stop tracking only live views - it is the 21st century and people are watching shows on their smart phones, tablets, or computers, as well as on DVR or TIVO.

2.) There are over a thousand channels with something on the exact same time your shows are on. Stop being selfish and be grateful for what you get.

3.) The viewers who would be watching your show are watching Glee, Grey's Anatomy, White Collar, Rachel Maddow or Project Runway which I all enjoy but can't watch live because they are on the same time this show is on.

3.4 million viewers is NOT a good enough reason to cancel the show.

It's cute and funny for sure at times, I also don't love the chick from Smash as the best friend, it feels forced, they have no chemistry and they've made her kind of clueless.  I don't love the all family focus of it, sadly it feels a little bit like Will and Grace but family themed and that removes what Will and Grace had, it was a witty clever adult themed sitcom that was really funny, this feels like he's playing the same character but a little toned down and a now a Dad.  I doubt they will have the time to get it to evolve to the point that it needs to to survive.  It's not about not having enough eyeballs though, if some people see it and it's amazing, the viewers come from word of mouth, marketing, pr, etc.  I think if it had a little more more of a Gilmore Girls dialogue where the daughter is more clever and witty and Megan is replaced or really change in her role then they'd get there.  I did think the introduction of the guy from Queer as Folk worked as a great potential boyfriend, he's great on screen.  For some reason I never believe Thomas as a straight man.. 

I watch no network television

I've watched all episodes thus far. It's getting better each week and deserves more of a chance Sean is good on the show. But it does need some retooling. Get rid of the unbelievable and unlikely boss of his. Linda Lavin is excellent and the chemistry between her & Sean is great! 

It's had a slow start, but I think the show is starting to pick up steam.  I think it needs a stronger "sidekick" character- the blonde friend isn't doing it for me.  But I love Sean and the mom and the daughter and the boss- and the last episode was really funny.  I hope NBC continues to give it a chance to grow, because I really think it could become a must-see!  It's just not there yet.

I liked it.  Cute and funny.  I'd watch another season. 

the show just isn't "that good" it has it's moments... but thats about it. It's an easy miss rather than a hit

I watched the first episode a few days ago, because I typically like Sean Hayes. I didn't think the show was *that* great that made me want more. It was better than the Crazy Ones on CBS, which I turned off after 10 minutes, but Sean Saves the World isn't a show I thought I had to make sure I watched again. If it's the only thing on, I'll watch it, but beyond that I don't see myself going out of my way to watch it. 

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