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Thomas Roberts 'Dismayed' By Reaction He's Getting For Not Boycotting Russia

MSNBC News anchor Thomas Roberts is less than thrilled with the reaction he's getting regarding his decision to host the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, Russia.  As we'd previously mentioned, Andy Cohen, another high profile LGBT television personality declined the gig citing Russia's anti-gay laws.

Roberts says: 

"I am a little dismayed at some of the reaction that people have had, that have wanted to try to attack my personal and professional belief for what I'm standing up for, but I respect their right to do that," he says. "But I wish they would have a little more faith in me."

Roberts, 41, also addressed former co-host Andy Cohen, also gay, who announced he would not host for a third year because he did not feel safe in a country with such laws.

"He decided to boycott before he had the offer," Roberts says. "So, for me, this was something I thought was too great of an opportunity to miss out on. And I think Andy's great. I think he's done a great job before. But I appreciate that I know I can bring something else to this and be able to push the envelope a little bit further with being able to report for our networks."

What do you think of Roberts' reaction, Instincters?

Do you have faith that he'll make his trip to Russia worthwhile for the LGBT community?


Thank God there still are countries like Russia and politicians like Putin who stand against the madness that represents this hidden promotion of homosexuality.

I hope that they will resist the pressure put on them by the gay mafia that now seems to control the world media and many puppet governments like the one in the USA.

Anyhow it does not matter as truth will prevail at the end.

If he just gies over there hosts as if all is well then yeah that won't mean anything as far as helping the gays unfortunate enough to be stuck over there. If he goes and decides to make some sort of statement and ends up another American dead in Russian prison, still pointless so I really don't get what his pride has convinced him he can accomplish by going to a country ruled by a government that sees him as less than human.

I keep telling people "you're spoiled if you think nothing will happen to you. Russia is not the United States; you're under their laws and not under US protection. They owe our nation and you NOTHING!"

Nigel, this is from, not Gay Star News. You should give proper attribution. 

Had more faith in you, Roberts.

Roberts is not a household name in Russia like, day, a major pop star. If he doesn't make some kind of public denunciation there, his being there will be pointless.

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