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Clucking Over Lady Gaga's Latest Look??

If you needed any help with those last minute Halloween costumes, Lady Gaga stepped out of her Berlin hotel today to give you inspiration!

EOnline described the look as "a yellow dress and fur coat with a bird-like mask that was covered in soft tan feathers and featured a gold beak nosepiece between two eye cutouts."

Sounds easy enough to do, Instincters! 

Loving her latest look?


She looks great, you can't see her face, yeah!!

Gaga who? Looks that this person has been dumbster-diving. She wants to be art so badly it's getting kinda sad ...

Do you think she thinks to her self "Will they let me get away with this?"

Nope, it's Chuck Testa...

Yesss!! She's back!!

I have on the exact same outfit today.  What a coincidence?

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