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Chris Crocker Is New Face Of American Apparel

Chris Crocker--yes, of "Leave Britney alone!" fame--has a new national campaign coming out with American Apparel and he's Instagramed some of the new shots!

Did anyone else think Chris wasn't wearing pants at first glance? Just for a second? 

No? Just us? That's cool.

You've come a long way, kiddo!

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Wow, American Apparel is using a barebacking pornstar as the new face of American apparel. What message are they trying to send to the young gay youth.  It's a shame that trash like him is getting paid for being trash. He is part of what is wrong with gay culture today. 

Hello James,

Have you ever watched any of Chris´ Youtube videos apart from the "Leave Britney Alone" one? He is actually the PERFECT person to represent young gay youth! His messages/ideas/critics are empowering not only to gay ppl. but also to women; empowering humans in general I´d say. Don´t be fooled by his attempt in porn or his acting/comedy videos, those are just a few of the many facets of this amazing human being called Chris Crocker.

Raquel from drag, to porn, to....American Apparel? I can't figure out if he's moving up or down in the world.

Great... So now I won't be able to walk into American Apparel without recalling the mind-searing images of him being tag-teamed by the Maverick Men. Hooray... -_-

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